I wasn't sure if I was doing this right, I never head of made vampire having healing powers. His shirt was ripped to pieces, he was a mess and it was all my fault. I needed to get out of this room, too much blood I needed to move him. I tried to lift him, but his beautiful blood sainted wings kept getting in my way.

"O'my god Crystal here let me help you." Sebastian voice came rushing into the music room. I let Sebastian take most of Damien body together we made it to Damien room.

"I don't know what I'm doing, Sebastian what happened, what did I do. O'my god I attacked him, how could I do that?" I frantically said.

"Crystal you need to calm down, this isn't good for you." Sebastian tried reassuring me, but it was know use.

"How could I, I don't remember doing it. What if he doesn't wake up, what if he already dead?" Tears were in my eyes and I was shaking all over.

"Crystal I need you to lick his wounds, when you fed of him your saliva goes into his blood steam, making the bite less painful- if you want it. He needs that to numb the pain, I can't because I haven't fed of him, and you have." Sebastian informed me.

Now it was making some sense I still couldn't clam down, we took his ripped shirt off and his trouser.

"Crystal quick, his body weak." Sebastian encouraged.

So I did, licking his injures on his chest, arms, back and his legs. I couldn't believe that I coursed all of this, the pain that I must course him. I felt sick and like a...not a vampire

"That's enough Crystal well done, I know that that wouldn't have being easy for you. His body doing the rest now, all we can do now is wait." Sebastian kissed my forehead and pulled the cover over Damien body. "I be back later."

"Thank you." I whispered then hearing the closed door; I climbed under the covers lying next to Damien sleeping form.

"I'm so sorry." I started not knowing if he could hear me or not, I took his hand that was barely warm. "I should say that, I will never see you again. That you should of stayed away from me, that this should never of happened, that day in the music room, shouldn't of happened. But I can't."

I took a deep breath. "I have to see your face every morning, the way that you look at me, with those crystal pale blue eyes. It's like you know me, more then I know myself. I want to be with you always, feel your warmth safe arms around me."

"Even though that day in the music room happened, I'm glad that it we did it. Because the punishments that that witch did, that pain is nothing compared to this. Seeing you in this much pain, knowing that I course this. It's killing me."

Silent tears fell from my eyes; I brought his hand to my face, my tears falling down his bare arm.

Suddenly, his hand cupped my face wiping a tear away with his thumb.

"Shh Miss Storm, don't want to mess your make-up." He opened his eyes.

"I'm not wearing make-up." I hiccupped Damien smiled sitting up so we were both sat in the middle of his bed.

Then forgetting everything we were in each other arms, Damien ran his fingers through my cherry red hair, I was playing with his fingers, which were warmer then last time. I could feel some dampness on my head coming from Damien, my tears were still falling.

"I'm sorry Angelo." I whispered.

"Shh broncolaia all is forgiven." His voice was soo soft in my ears.

Then my body felt strange and my vision burled sending me into a vision.


 "Mazany no, don't leave me again, MAZ!!" Midnight was screaming and crying her heart out. She was holding on tight to something and then the door opened. Shadows blocked the light coming from the door, the window was open and a black raven was sat in the tree watching the event in the room.


I gasped and shoot up out of Damien's arms. "We have to see Midnight and Mazany now!"

"What wrong?"

"He's dead Damien."

"He can't be, Jordan she."

"Mazany dead!"

The End

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