It was strange to see Midnight so angry and fierce, I had never see her act this way he head held up high. Her powers were fully under controlled she wasn't struggling. Who ever thought such a small child like girl would me so powerful? Maybe that's why we all felt we had to protect her, because she looked so fragile like a China Doll in her pretty little dressed pale skin and rosy cheeks.

I heard Crystal Gasp, I looked down at her she was stood against the wall, hands clenched with blood dripping down. She looked like she was in pain. “Crystal what's wrong?” I franticly asked searching In her eyes. She refused to look at me and stared at the scene In front of us.

"I am going to kill you". Midnight dragged out in a deadly voice to Shadow. I nodded to her, freezing time. Making sure no-one outside this room would get hurt. Well that's what we hoped

Midnight's power grow stronger as she controlled it, Zuri was helping Midnight with her powers and I had to keep checking his mind to predict his next move in case he did end up hurting Midnight though I doubted it, as well as checking out Shadow mind for his next move.

I looked around an noticed Crystal had left the room, she never said that she would leave. She wouldn't leave us when we needed her, no something was wrong. I turned to Benjeman “I need to find Crystal can you watch Midnight for me” I whispered in his mind he nodded.

I slipped out of the room and ran down the corridor following her scent, I came to the music room. I knew she was in there but where I couldn't see her but I sensed her. I walked into the room. Out of no where something pounced on me knocking me to the floor.

I looked up to see Crystal was on top of me her eyes glowing but not from thirst from something slightly evil. I tried to push her off me but I couldn't push off me.I didnt want to was she playing around.

She began the claw at me. And it hurt like hell I pushed her off me and she want flying across the room. “Crystal is me Damien what's wrong” I panicked I didn't wat to hurt her. She hissed and lunged at me again. I closed my eyes. She pushed me down and attacked me over and over again.

Her dream was coming true as I lay there helpless on the floor. Dying in the same fate my mother had. Maybe I would be able to see her again. NO ! I wouldn't die like this Midnight needed me and so did Crystal.

I pushed her off me for the final time. I swayed and fell forward onto the floor. Trying not to loose conscientiousness.

"You will feel the pain that my mother felt 16 years ago, how could you?" I kept blinking trying to keep them open. I felt her cool breathe on my neck. "You betrayed me. You lied to me."

"Crr." My voice barely above a whisper. "CCrr."

"Hush, what you done is unforgivable." she whispered

she whispered in my ear . "I'm sorry." she moved her lips down my cheekbone cheek bone I could barely feel anything now..

she kissed my neck, sending shivers down my body "Lucas..." she whispered.

Her teeth graved my scream, when a blood curling scream erupted the room, it sounded like Midnight. Crystal gasped she moved away. I heard her scream and she began to lick my wounds. I couldn't fight the Darkness. Any longer.

The End

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