I stude frosen a moment there was blood and the black vaper I was shere only I could see swerled about it the air trying to grabe hold of someone else. `dad` I wispered then it was gone I shock vilintly. Everyone was crying and midnight was covered in blood.

I hadent goten a chance to know mazany... at lest not the real him, but there was no doubt in my mind then he and midnight were soulmates.

I let in all the emotions all the thoughts leting it buzz around my head but pushed it into the back of my mind. This was something I had been working on for years not a bariar or a sheald not holding it back, but simply ignoring the voices and emotions in my mind.

I walked across the room and tuched midnights sholder wispering `midnight` she hissed at me

`midnight` I say again this time loudly and confadent I could save him... I knew I could

`jordan... dont, she needs to greave` said Benjamen he didn't know I knew the spell, a spell I needed her help with if she wanted him back...

`mazany` I whisper as I felt his spiret enter my body so that he was what shadow had been to him, but that was the end of how he was like shadow at all. -I cant leave her- he whispered I smiled – I can help you, I just need a shell- -I know I`ll stay with you intell you find one- I smiled to myself taking a deep breath and thinking hard where could I find a shell of a fierfox a hole one.

when I had lost my mother I looked for ways that I could bring her back with out using dark magic. There was only one but it had to be done by more then one witch... crystal was a spellbinder... I could have her help... and someone needed to give blood someone who loved him... midnight... I may have lost my mother but I wouldn't let midnight lose mazany. I wasn't going to let mazany be the same as my mother, I smiled and jumping up knowing what I had to do

I relised that ben was waiting for me to say something I let go of her sholder `fine... but midnight do you want him back` I moved away from her crying over mazanys dead body and sat down massugeing the tempel of my head.

`what a stupid question` said zuri crying

`his spirit is still hear I just need a body... a shell`

`what do you mean he`s still hear... I killed him` said midnight

`you killed his shell only one of them actuly had to give up there souls and it was shadows time to die... mazany his soul... he came to me... but he refuses to use me as a pupet like shadow used him that way... I hold his esence and being his life memorys everything that was mazany is in me now... but we need a shell so he can be him again` sudenly I knew where I could get a shell a body for mazany.

`Jordan where are you going` yelled Benjamen

`we need a body I know where I can find one` I ran off into the woods and found a little fox, all alone it came to me `amoran` I whispered and the little fox turn into a boy a fire fox, with no life but in full form and full heath. I ran with it back to them.

`what the hell` said everyone when they saw me carrying the boys body

`the goddess has great strength...` I say with a smile `and I have strong white magic in my body... this will be the shell for mazany, all I need is midnight to... well she needs to come help this doesn't work unless a loved one gives some of her blood` everyone looked tentatively then midnight got up `this will bring him back`

`he`s not gone he`s just hear` I pointed to my head `and were going to put him in to this body`

`what do I do?`

`cut yourself pour the blood into this ones mouth` midnight nodded and bit herself she nelt down and dribbled the blood into the boys mouth. `atsbdynsai ondplen gdes bihcktbdwh miohulem ogeter` I wispered over and over

I fell over I felt my body fill with exscrusheating pain, something I had never felt before like how people exsplaned childbith to be. I felt my insides on fire mazany was being pulled out of me but the goddess was surching picking peaces out of me and placing them in the boys body. I screamed over and over, the pain burning my insides and then it was over and I lay painting and I sat up and grabed the boys hand

`mazany` I wispered he tock a deep breath and started to chock then he got his breath in him and sat up slowly. The boys eyes were green the hair dark red with a streak of white in it just like the fox had had he blinked. `midnight` he said slowly looking around at her she jumped at him tears streaming her face and blood rubed onto his body

`um... I`m naked` he said everyone laughed as midnight backed off him blushing and benjerman duge in the draw then through pants at him he climed to his feet unstedy like a todeler. He pulled on the pants they were kinda lose on his

`sorry, thats the one thing I couldent do` I say

`it`s nothing just something small... my life well my life in a body is back thank you Jordan thank you... midnight` he turnd to her I smiled at least she had him back even if I had nothing else I had helped her, and it felt good to help her.

`you okay... your just laying there` asked benjerman

I could taset blood `no I`m not... the goddess is strong but.... I`m weak...` I chocked and felt something wet dribel down my face as I went into a choughing fit.

`jordan` I heard several voices yell as the world fell away from me. my eyes flickered and arms warped around me. I could taste blood

`it takes a lot out of a witch... saving a soul and replacing it in a body... take me to bed ben... I`ll be alright... the goddess wont take me... she`s taken to much from me to take my life` I say then the world went black to me as a voice in my head whispered. -I love you Jordan scare-

The End

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