"What's that Mazany?" I asked staring at the Pentagram which Mazany had drawn.

"I don't know... I really don't know." He replies shaking his head. That was when my own Pentagram scar began to burn on my back. I could see Mazany rubbing his own symbol on his arm, this wasn't good. Now I could feel the storm that Mazany was talking about. I kept looking at the Pentagram; all I could think about was my visions, of my friends, Corvina face.

Then the burning increased, spreading around my body making me gasp out. I was clenching my fist into my prams, my sharp nails digging into my skin. Then a big black raven came flying into the room, no-one else noticed, until it changed into Corvina of course. Zuri tried to warn Mazany but it was too late, the pain was getting worse, I had to braise myself against the wall holding the pain in.

"Crystal what's wrong?" Damien frantically whispered while Shadow and Midnight said ‘hello' to each other.

"I am going to kill you". Midnight dragged out in a deadly voice to Shadow. Both her and Damien nodded, freezing time, but it didn't freeze the pain that I was feeling. It wasn't just the pain, something else kept whizzing in my head.

Then everything fast forward Midnight's power grow stronger as she controlled it, Zuri helping Midnight with her powers and Damien was using his power to control the time, as well as checking out Shadow mind for his next move. I was just standing there pain shooting around my body, then a whisper of a voice came into my head.

"Can't you see you're not wanted here...they don't need you...." Corvina whispering voice echoed in my head, taunting me over and over. "Why are you here, they can handle it, if they live to see the morning that is..."

"Get out of my head Corvina." My voice sounded weak compared to hers.

"But you're not wanted...again...poor little Black Blood child..." Her laugher made my skin crawl. "Do you really think he loves you...Damien the fallen angle?"

"Keep him out of this, Corvina"

"Do you really believe that he loves you?"


"Do you believe that he loves you Crystal?"

"I don't know what to believe! I don't know!" I shouted both in my head and out loud.

"How can he love you? He's worried that about could hurt him anytime you can he love someone that could hurt him?"

"I could never hurt Damien. But"-

"How can he love me, I'm a vampire not even pureblood..."

"No how could he Crystal..."

I could feel my legs moving away from the room, Corvina voice still in my head.

"You want revenge on your mother's death, the one who took her away from you..." Her voice sounded like a commandment, which I followed, feeling the anger as well as the pain in my body now.

"Where do I find them?" I snarled as I roomed down the corridor, crouching my body, feeling vengeance in my blood.

"Keep hunting Black blood, there close so, so close now. Can't you feel it, hear there thumping heart, smell there rich pureblood scent, see the dark figure attacking your sweet innocent mother in your head?" Corvina voice was sweet and encouraging as I listened, somewhere deep down I could hear the faint whimpering of someone, warning me not to listen.

I didn't notice where I was, but that didn't matter, I could sense that my mother murder was getting closer. I moved into the shadows of the room, crouching like a lioness ready to take down her pray, my hands were more like crawls now, sharp and deadly long, my canines grow long and pointy in my mouth.

"Remember really are..." The voice sounded familiar, like I should recognize it, but I shut it out.

"Close your eyes black blood", Corvina ordered. "Think of your mother, helpless, weak. Your father not even being there for her, making you feel unwanted...Now open your eyes, don't hesitate just feel the range that you have being holding back all of these years..."

I snapped my eyes open and lunged...                                                           


I was stood in the doorway of the room, patches of blood were on my school shirt, my bare legs where my short skirt didn't cover them; the blood on my hands was dark as my cherry red hair. I was staring into the middle of the room, looking at my mother murder. All of my anger was gone, but the pain was still in my body getting worse and worse.

"The pureblood will cure that craving; his blood will satisfy you, bite his neck and feel his power in your blood." Corvina was still whispering to me and my body was still responding to her voice.

I went over to him lying on his back; something dark was around the top half of his body, soft but wet. Strange. I crouched over him, my legs at either side of his waist.

His curly blonde hair was ruffled and clinging to the pale face, his eyes were blinking trying to open. He gave up on that or just didn't want to face his death, instead he moved. But he was too weak from my attack; you could see the crawl marks on his skin, the marks from my kicks. No bite marks anywhere, I made sure of that, somehow I knew that it would hurt him. I wanted it to curse him pain when I fed.

"You will feel the pain that my mother felt 16 years ago, how could you?" I said his eyelids kept blinking, I moved my head closer to his neck my fangs seeming to have before more sharp. "You betrayed me. You lied to me."

"Crr." His voice barely above a whisper. "CCrr."

"Hush, what you done is unforgivable."

"Now Black blood!" In his ear I whispered. "I'm sorry." I moved my lips down his cheekbone. "Now Black blood!" Covina commanded.

I bent down to his face, the other one his neck. I kissed his neck, tasting his scent at the time I noticed that I didn't smell right, that it didn't belong to the right person. I let it pass, as I opened my mouth I said "Lucas..."

Then suddenly, as my teeth touched the pale skin, my head which was still slightly whizzing from before, went like smoke and then I heard the scream went through my body like a shock of electricity, awaking me.


I gasped out breathing for the first time, I looked round then I saw the mirror in the music room, near the door way. I screamed bring my hands to my mouth seeing my reflexion. My necklace was glowing like before I clenched, with my bloody red hand.

"My beautiful sweet Crystal...heal his wounds...he is too weak..."

This time the voice was quite and soft in my head, comforting to me. Instantly I began licking his wounds clean, his body was doing the rest. 


"Believe in yourself...Remember who you are..."   

"I will, mum..."





The End

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