"Want to play a game?" Mazany  said, wait no it wasnt I could sense a shift about him. His eyes were clouded over and his voice was lower. He smiled slyly at me. Shadow

I hissed at him "Hello Shadow, I love games I know a really good one. One that I wanted to play for a very long time. I guess you can call it more of a dance really because it takes two of us. Its called Revenge" I hissed at him.

He chuckled "Well well well Im gutted Middy I thought you would be like you mother weak and Pathetic Screaming "I want to help  you" and she did By dying" He boomed, grinning at me like a mad man.

"I am going to kill you" I screatched, I nodded at Damien he froze time around us but we were able to move. I let my Powers go fully my hair blowing around me, eyes glowing the deepest red. my dress billowing around me. I saw Shadow take a step back.

"You right I am different I am a lot stronger than my Mother. YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY FOX AWAY FROM ME" I hissed at him. He growled and ran for me. I sent out a blast of energy it sent you flying into a wall sending a spiderwebs of cracks around him.

Zuri took her chance and blaster you with Water, you screamed out in pain. "Oh Shadow didnt you know Foxs didnt likewater, Im sorry how about some heat" Zuri said sweetly. The a ring of fir appeared around him. He screamed out louder. and slumps to the floor.

I took my chance I closed my eyes grabbing hold of the glowing ball I sensed everything I opened my eyes. and Shadow had no emotions nothing surrounded him. I took hold of all the anger in the room. building into a huge orb in my hands I knew ever body saw the Glowing red orb as they gasped.

"THIS IS FOR MY MUM"I shouted as I threw it at him watching him writher on the floor. The I threw a nother of despair, grief, and hatred. Until the room went silent.

He opened his eyes I saw it was Mazany. I ran to his side holding him in arms "We did it we hes gone we can be togethor I love you" I whispered into his ear.

He coughed "No hes not gone he still in me reacuvering, the only way to kill him is to kill me please Kill me Midnight I love you to" He choked out.

Tears spillled from my eyes "Mazany no you cant leave me no I cant kill you" I sobbed.

"Midnight listen to me, there is no-one else but you I would rather kill me. I love you rmy reason to live remeber? now please be the one to end it." Mazany begged.

Benjeman put a dagger in my hand. I hugged Mazany close to me "I love you Im so sorry" I sobbed.

With that I stabbed him through the heart. I watched as he took his last breathe he looked into my eyes. Full of love "deathe by the one I love" They were his last word before his eyes rooled back.

"NOOO" I screamed holding his body close to me rocking back words and forward. sobbing loudly "Mazany no come back I need you please" I kept begging, his blood pooling out around me. soaking into my white dress.

I didnt pay attention to anyone else around me, just holding the only person I loved close to me. tears streaming down my face. I had lost that last thing that held my life togethor.

Mazany, the fire fox who walked into my life as a child the first person to refuse to be my friend. The first one touch my very soul. The one I love. I will love you forever. Dont hate me for this, for I will not be the same again. You were my life and now your gone.

I just want to say I love you my Fire fox.

The End

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