Something felt off, it was like the calmness before a storm. I walked over to the window and looked up at the sky, it was an angry swirl of grey and black thunder clouds. I walked back to the bed and lay down again facing the window, rain began to fall slowly, knocking against the window in tiny droplets. I blinked and walked back over to the window, I peered out and noticed a Black raven sitting in the tree right outside my room. It looked at me with it's beady black eyes and tilted it's head to the side, I shuddered and closed the curtains. I began to pace, I was getting anxious, I could feel the ominous air all around the school... something would happen today... something that would end in tears.

I wonder if the game will start soon. Shadow mused to himself in my mind, I stopped frozen and hissed,

"What are you talking about?" Shadow didn't say anything for a while,

The game in which either WE die or they do. My heart stopped still and I felt my whole body go tense.

"How would they kill you?" I asked, hoping that it would end... I didn't care if that meant I went too.

I know what you're thinking Demon, but it's not simply death... you would disappear from this world... Both body and soul. I leaned heavily on the wall, I felt my eyes go wide in shock... I would disappear was what he was telling me.

Something rang through my head which was neither mine or Shadow's thought's,

There are many paths for the future... Correct.

It was more of a memory but as I tried to grab hold of that memory it slipped away through my fingers.

What was that?! Shadow snapped in my mind, I gritted my teeth in pain and said,

"I don't know. I can't remember..." Shadow fell silent and I sat down on the floor, I began to absently draw a picture on the floor, I blinked in surprise as I saw what I was drawing, it was a pentagram. I blinked again, the sense of unease was back, it felt as if I was in a dream. My whole body felt weird and heavy, I shook my head and got up slowly. I had to catch myself as the room began to tilt slowly, I could practically feel Shadow smiling in my mind, I bit my lip and the sharp stab of pain made me feel more real. I tasted blood in my mouth, I felt myself gag with no effect from the memory of having the taste of blood of in my mouth all those years ago.

I heard people stop outside my room and I wiped away the blood, I moved away from the door, remembering what Zuri had said about it being for a precaution. I heard the lock open from outside and watched as the others walked into my room, I frowned in confusion. Crystal looked surprised,

"Maz are you ok?" I knew what Zuri meant by that,

"I'm fine..." I replied truly puzzled, Zuri glanced at Crystal and said,

"Are you sure that wasn't a prediction of the future, she isn't here." Crystal shook her head and stated,

"No, I wouldn't have been able to talk to her if it had been." I crossed my arms and said,

"Can I at least know what's going on? Something doesn't feel right." I flinched as seven sets of eyes looked at me,

"What do you mean?" Benjamin asked me, I felt my tails swish in anxiety.

"I don't know, the air feel heavy- so to speak- and a raven was watching me earlier. Shadow's also acting strangely." I whispered towards the end, glancing down at the floor and noticing the Pentagram I had drawn without knowing. Crystal followed my eye line and noticed the Pentagram, she frowned and said,

"What's that Mazany?" I shook my head and said,

"I don't know... I really don't know." Midnight was looking at me puzzled,

"What do you mean Shadow was acting weirdly?" I shrugged and said,

"He just said that he wondered if the game would start soon."

"What does that mean?" Zuri said to herself, frowning. I rubbed the symbol on my arm absentmindedly, I should tell them what he had said when I had asked that but something was holding me back.

I felt someone appear behind me,

"Maz watch-" Zuri cried out running forward,

"Sleep Demon and fall out of your being," Someone whispered in my ear, the room tilted again and I felt my stomach lurch, I fell and felt Corvina catch me. The next thing I knew I was watching Corvina hold my body,

"What...?" I whispered, I looked down at myself, my body was transparent. I watched as my body moved and Corvina disappeared, next thing I knew someone grabbed me from behind, putting their arm under my chin making it difficult to breath,

"You can't interfere Demon." Corvina hissed at me, I watched in shock as Shadow appeared, he smiled coldly at my friends and said,

"What to play a game?"

The End

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