While I was training, where I was I did not have a clue. But it was peacefull here nothing to get in the way.

"Ok Midnight concentrate feel the emotions around feel you own you can do it" Zuri wan encouring me.

I turned to Damien. I closed eyes I held the glowing ball of light in my eyes and slowly stated to let it go using my powers slowly, I opened my eyes and everthing lookded different. I gasped but kept going.

The colours were swirling around everything, I could sense what they all were feeling. It was strange this going to be fun. I turned to Zuirher emotipons were so strong and painful.

Guilt, Pain, Sorrow, betrayel, love, lost grief. I pulled the on emotions and replaced with Joy and Happiness. Zuir gasped in shock then she giggled. She lookded so happy for once.

"Little Moon you did it you controlled my emotions" SHe fell on the floor giggling, I pulled powers away leaving and leaving hope in her heart instead of fear.

I turned to Damien and poured my powers in him, He was confused, hurt, depressed, but he had hope and compassion. I took some of the unhappieness away and put my love there.

I was pulled away from them both,and sank to the floor tears were flooding from my eyes, I didnt notice.

"So much pain and sorror in both of you I couldnt take it all away it was to intense Im sorry" Zuris arms were around me.

"Its ok its fine remeber when you fight Shadow, you anger will make you stronger tap into all of us and poor all the negative emotions on to him ok it will weaken soo much so we can destroy him.

I nodded I stood up wiping down my dress and linked Zuir again, I was more confident walking over the water this time.

When we got back Benjeman and Orlando were leaning over Crystal. I pushed passed them and sat down next to her, "Crystal its me Midnight Im back wake up" I shook her gently.

"Damien come here Benjeman pull me off him if I cant resist ok" I orded they both nodded. Benjemen pulled his sleeve up, I took a deep breathe and bit into I tried to avoid the blood but it seeped in my mouth. Benjemans strongs arms pulled me away. I hissed at him but he ignored me.

We sat and listened to what she had to say telling us about talking to Corniva.

"kill your friend Mazany, then you will weaken Shadow powers to survive, Some will be lost" Crystal trailed off.

I stood up "We are not going to Kill Mazany I wont allow it I can get rid of Shadow for good I just need all you help Please Im begging you all" I said leading with them all.

"I know Midnight but if we have to kill him we have to ok?" Benjeman said gravely I glared at him.

"if you kill him I would never forgive you, I will never come out be my-self again. Im going to save him now if anyone wants to join me"

So this is it time to save my loved one, One I once said to he had no reason to live. So I became his reason and he is mine My life would not be the same without him. I would offer my life if he would live.

Mazany I love you, your my everything. My Fire Fox

The End

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