"You're... not seeing anything? Nothing about Mazany?" Middy asked sounding worried and concern, all I could do was shake my cherry red hair. I felt like I was failing them, I felt useless and unwanted. Like how I felt with my father. Zuri was pacing her head filled with thoughts, I hated letting her down all of them.

"Right deal time Crystal, here don't argue with me." Damien titled his head back, the veins in his neck more exposed. I got up and started to walk away from them, well stagger was probably the best way to describe it.

"Crystal Storm, get here now!" Midnight shouted commanding me to her. I tired again to focus on what I wanted, I wanted to see Mazany, I wanted to see Shadow. Nothing just a blank wall, it was killing me.

"Fine we're come to you, boys." Midnight orders them; I turned to see Benjamin and Orlando straight for me. Orlando was closers and I kicked him hard in the chest I had to admit but it did feel good. Benjamin was clever I snarled at him warning him not to cross me. Then he looked up smiled at something and lung for me. We were struggling on the ground when Damien came flying down and grabbed me, Orlando came over with Midnight.

"No I won't take it from you. You need this! You need all of you strength to defect Shadow. No Midnight!" I snarled pleading with my eyes, as she bit into her wrist. Benjamin was holding my legs down, Damien holding my arms; I didn't like this one bit. It reminded me of that day with Corvina, her symbol of the pentagram burned on my lower back. I was still struggling then I heard Damien voice so softy that only I could hear him.

"Please my angle take Middy blood, I beg you please." Then he kissed my cheek. Suddenly Midnight wrist was in my mouth, I licked her blood tasting the power and sweetness that it held. I pulled back and stopped struggling, when they looked at me I simply said in a small voice. "Ok fine, just please let me go, I hate being like this." I showed Damien what I was thinking, what all of this made me remember, Corvina symbol stun my skin making me gasp out.

"She ok, let her go. She take Middy's blood, Benjamin let her go now." Damien order.

I felt them release me; Midnight was putting her long dark blue hair over one shoulder. "It's ok Crystal." I kneeled next to her resting my hands on her shoulders, and moving head to her white neck. I heard a quick intake of breath as I sunk my teeth into her neck. When I was drinking her blood I could feel the connection with her, feeling minds link.

"Middy, we need to talk about Damien." I thought to her.

"Crystal how are you able to?"

"I don't know. Listen have you ever notice anything different about his feathers or hair and eyes lately?"

"Once yes I did, but I dismissed it. Why? What have you seen?"

So I told her everything, even when I stopped feeding from her I stayed close to her blood, keeping the connection strong. I even told her about the vision about Damien how he before he changed, also the part where I was with him. The only thing I didn't tell her about was the child, something kept telling me to keep that a secret.

"That won't happen Crystal you could never hurt Damien." She thought back to me then the connection went off like a light. Then we were back in the real world Zuri came over to us.

"Come on, Little Moon." Zuri told her using Middy nickname, I liked it suited her. "And you Damien." Damien who was helping me asked startled as well as me by her request.

 "Me?" Damien asked I could see it all wrote across his perfect face, uncertainly and puzzled too.

"She said your name, didn't she? How many other Damien's can you see here?" I teased him looking around, he gave that ‘haha very funny look', I just smiled encouragingly and reassuringly knowing that I was behind him. Then he went off to follow Zuri and Middy.

"Sorry about the kick Orlando, you ok?" I asked feeling slightly guilty now.

"I'm fine Crystal; don't think that you can do that again though." He winked and started pacing.

"Crystal I'm sorry to, I should have realised that it would bring back mad memor"-

Benjamin voice tailed off in my head, I could feel Midnight power in my blood. Automatically I reached for my necklace holding it tightly. Open your eyes, look and your see the answer... A different voice from before entered my head I obeyed, and then I saw it.  Black ravens were flying in the sky, meaning trouble ahead. I gasped seeing one raven that was bigger then the others move away from the group, the way it moved, the blackness of its feathers. Corvina it all made sense then, she was blocking me from seeing anything.

"Ahh, Benjamin Corvina she"- That was when my eye sight burled; it was a vision I could feel it and see it.


The ground was black with burnt grass that surrounded the area; the sky was a blanket of darkness. There were five bodies lying unmoving on the ground, in different positions, their head making the points. Red hot orange flames suddenly appeared joining the bodies into a better diagram. The fire outlined a   pentagram and at each of the different points of the star the bodies came into move focus. At the bottom of the pentagram Benjamin unmoving body laid, next at opposite points laid Zuri and Alzena. At the next opposite points lay Damien and Orlando and then, lying right at top point of the star pentagram was Midnight.

The cackle of an evil laugher came into the picture bring its dark magic with it. Mazany also walked into the picture with the evil dark witch, but it wasn't Mazany, it was Shadow. The eyes gave him away, nothing but darkness was lingered there. Then suddenly, a girl wearing a sapphire blue dress appeared in the middle of the pentagram. The girl was Crystal.

The vision changed, it was still dark the grass only burnt in the shape of a pentagram and it was raining. Only this time nearly everyone was standing, baring one. Orlando and Alzena were holding each other tightly looking into the middle, Zuri and Mazany were holding each other, something looked different with Mazany his aura seemed different. Midnight and Benjamin were also holding each other.

Every one of them had something in common, they were at the four points of the pentagram, no-one was at the top or bottom, they were all holding each other tightly and they were all looking into the middle. However, Damien was in the middle this time on his knees, like he was holding something close to him, not letting it go or wanting it to go. Then Damien said the name of what he was holding close to his body, soo softly and quietly you could hear his voice breaking.



When I opened my eyes again I found myself leaning against a tree, Benjamin, Alzena and Orlando close to me.

"You just had a vision haven't you?" Benjamin said tracing his fingers over my temples.

"Yer it was I don't, I've no idea where to being. Wait ahh no way."


I could feel myself going again. I couldn't believe this! What was doing, making up for lost time? But no time to answer my own question, my scenically changed and I was standing/hovering in to school corridor.

I looked round and I notice that I was in the boy's dorms, where Mazany was. I quickly took one look out the window and I saw Zuri, Middy and Damien rejoin the group. It was quite interesting seeing my body lying on the ground, my sapphire necklace was glowing with power. Strange.

Then I caught a scent that really didn't want to smell, even though I had to. Corvina appeared, her pale perfect skin face had an evil edge to it, and her slivery eyes took on the darkness as she came closer to me. I suspense a snarl that was rising in my throat, as she passed me and went to Mazany door. I had a very bad feeling about this, I didn't think she was going welcome him back at list not intently. The last thing I heard was Corvina evil laugher, then she turned to look straight me, surprise went over her features.

"Black blood or do you prefer Spellbinder? You got passed me this far or you really think you can keep it up? You and your friends are nothing." She said her voice deadly.

"It's Crystal and believe me you evil black witch." I said the words in discuss. "We will take Shadow down and you too."  

"O'really well do you know that, if you kill your friend Mazany, then you will weaken Shadow powers to survive?" She smiled touching the door knob to Mazany room. "Some will be lost Crystal."


Warm liquid was running down my throat, making me want more. My eyes flicked open to see Damien over me, I realised what he was doing I moved his wrist away from my lips, kissing it softy.

"Crystal have you got something to tell me now"? Zuri asked a smile was placed over her lips.

So I told them. Well I told them about my ‘ghostly form' with Corvina, I wouldn't even know where to start with the others and we didn't have time. Corvina words echoed in my ears, ‘Some will be lost Crystal...'            

The End

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