I called everyone together before telling them everything. It was a long story and I skimmed over some of the less important details and only mentioned Ice once. I told them all my theories and I told them about the Elemental Phoenixes. There was a thick silence that followed when I was done.

I recalled a question I'd wanted to ask but had been too distracted.

"Who was the Witch in your father's office?" I asked Middy.


"Corvina," Orlando answered for her.

"She was there after-" Damien continued.

"Middy's mother died," I finished. They stared at me and I shrugged. "She seemed familiar," I said evasively.

Crystal shook her head and stopped staring at me. "Well, Corvina aside, we need to get into action. I'm super worried. I know you asked me to keep and eye on the future but... I'm struggling to see anything. Someone's blocking... it's nothing I've ever encountered before," Crystal told me. I frowned and began pacing, a habit I'd picked up. When I was thinking or worried (perhaps both) I pace.

"You're... not seeing anything? Nothing about Mazany?" Middy checked and Crystal shook her head again. There was more talking but I ignored it (mostly, I mean even as distracted as I you're going to notice arguements and Crystal taking Middy's blood) and kept pacing. I wasn't thinking about Crystal's visions (or lack of), I wasn't thinking about Mazany and I wasn't thinking about Shadow. I was thinking about Corvina.

I vaguely recalled her from when I watched over Middy. She'd made me suspicious then and made me suspicious now. She'd confronted me... what was it she'd said? What was her part in all this? She was a powerful uncaring Witch (it can also be spelt with a capital 'B').

"Come on, Little Moon," I said and Middy immediately responded to the name I'd given her, "And you Damien." Damien looked startled.

"Me?" he asked uncertainly.

"She said your name, didn't she?" Crystal teased, "How many other Damiens can you see here?" He gave her a look and she smiled reassuringly. Then he and Middy followed me.

"Where are we going?" Middy murmured. She was drained of blood and energy.

"Somewhere isolated but with space," I replied. Eventually we reached the body of water on the school grounds. I spun around to look at them, face grim.

"Do you trust me?" I asked.

"Yes," Middy answered instantly and Damien nodded. I smiled.

"Good, 'cause I don't trust myself to do this right. It's been a while since..." my voice trailed away. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I whispered for the Element Water to come to me and took a step forward. I heard Damien and Middy's gasps.

"Trust me," I breathed, "Follow me. You won't fall as long as you have faith in me." I felt Middy cautiously step onto the water and then Damien. They followed faithfully but slowly. We eventually reached the other side and walked onto solid land. I thanked Water and opened my eyes.

I burst out laughing.

I laughed so hard tears streamed down my face and I actually rolled on the floor, unable to stand.

"You... should see... your... faces," I gasped, clutching my stomach. They'd looked a picture when they'd finally gotten off the water. They glowered at me.

"When you've regained some composure, lead on," Damien snapped. I grinned at him and jumped to my feet.

"We're here," I said, "It's isolated, large and spacious."

"Why are we here?" Middy asked quietly.

"To learn to work together using the Elements," I answered, "Space cancels Time but Time works on everyone else. Damien uses time on everyone else and they're safe, Shadow can't hurt them. I don't know why. Damien keeps Time frozen, I attack Shadow with the other Elements keep him distracted them Middy finishes him off."

"How do I finish him off?" Middy asked, her eyes wide in alarm. Damien was literally holding her up. I frowned and darted over.

"Sorry, Little Moon, I forgot you need blood after letting Crystal feed from you. Here," I muttered and flicked my hair back over my shoulder and offered her my neck.

"No, Zuri," Middy protested weakly.

"Midnight, we don't have time," I scolded, "Drink... just... try not to get carried away. Pixie blood is great for energizing and healing. Just a sip will make you feel great."

"It's true," Damien said, "I won't let you take too much, Middy. Promise."

Middy took a deep breath and bit my neck. I suppressed any sound of pain.

"Middy, stop now," Damien whispered. She was trying, I could tell but it was a struggle. Pixie blood was like an addictive drug to vampires, only while being drunk.

Suddenly Damien and Middy had moved a safe distance away. Middy looked much stronger and once my neck healed they came back over.

"Sorry, Zuri," Middy apologised.

"I'm fine. I'll be perfect again in a minute. If I was a fairy, I'd heal quicker but still, I heal quick enough," I responded. Sure enough, a couple of minutes later I was back to full strength.

"Now, you asked how you would finish Shadow off, I believe?" I said briskly, "Well, it's quite simple. Shadows greatest weakness are his emotions."

"So I overwhelm him with emotions?" Middy guessed. I beamed. but it faltered.

"That's the theory," I swallowed and stared across the water seeing things that were distant now.

"Only Maz truly knows," I whispered absently.

The End

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