I could feel Shadow lurking at the back of my mind and I knew he was pissed off. I tried to stop thinking about what was happening now or what would happen next, all I knew was that I didn't want to hurt anyone else.

I felt the lingering sensation of Midnight's hug, it felt like forever since I had last seen her, she looked so beautiful. I remember the words I had whispered in her ear,

"I'm sorry Midnight. I love you so much, you save me from the madness." I could remember how she had blushed and the final look I had gotten of her before Zuri had led me to my room. I looked around, everything seemed so dull, colour seemed to drain away. I shook my head, I couldn't let Shadow gain control again, I heard someone stop outside my room. It was Zuri,

"Hey! How you doing Mazany?"

"I'm fine. I'm still me..." I paused, I could feel the un-said things hang between us, "How's Midnight and the rest of them?"

"Well me and Midnight are going to the headmaster to see if we can get off of lessons without ending up in detention." I got up and walked over to the door, "Crystal is with Damien." I flinched, I could remember what had happened last time I had seem Damien. "And Benjamin is with the new girl, and Orlando is with Alzena- of course."

I smiled to myself and rested my head on the wood of the door, "Do you remember back then Zuri?" She didn't say anything and I thought that she hadn't heard me when she whispered,

"Yeah... I remember." I closed my eyes,

"I asked to forget..." I thought back to then, it was all a blur but I could remember killing Midnight's Mother and Zuri appearing, after that... nothing.

"I made myself forget." Zuri breathed on the other side of the door, "I don't want you to go back to how you were then. It was the darkest period of our life."

I nodded, the wood felt cool under my head, "You better not keep Midnight waiting." I muttered,

"Yeah, I suppose." I could feel the awkwardness between us.

"I'm sorry Zuri." I said,

"Don't worry about it Nutbrain," She joked, and with that the awkwardness was gone, "I'll come and see you again later, I'll also bring you some tea."

"OK." I listened as Zuri moved away. I didn't want to open my eyes, I didn't want to see the things that Shadow had caused, I didn't want to see the world without colour.

I sighed and opened my eyes, I winced at the light that was streaming through the curtains. I went over to the bed and lay down, I closed my eyes and fell into a sleep haunted by the Shadows of those who fell at my hand, I later woke up covered in sweat and breathing heavily. I sat up slowly and hugged my legs close to my body, I felt my body shake from the after effects of the nightmare, my eyes were open wide.

The End

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