We arrived out side My farthers office, I stood and tightened my grip on Zuris arm, she squezzed back trying to reasure me it will be ok. I took a deep breath. I used my powers and swung the door open. My farther stood up he glared at me then he noticed other people and smiled kindly at us.

"Daughter what a nice surprise" he said camly "but I do like people knocking at my door first" A laugh came from one of the chair when I saw chuckle I mean a cackle, we looked to see Corniva smurking at us.

"But thats Midnight for you arragont and self centered just like her mother, killed by her own foolishness" anger flared up causing me to loose grip on my powers, my eyes glowed red, my hair flowed and dress swirled round me.

"Dont talk about my mother like that" I hissed at her "Dont forget she was not a slut like you, but you seem to forget she was one the most powerful pure bloods. Her blood and my Farther blood runs threw my veins, so that makes me more powerfull than her"

I felt Orlando stand by my side and out his nad on his shoulder showing he was on my side, I looked at each on of them and they nodded. They were here for me.

I pulled my attention back to my Farther "But I am not here to argue with a Witch, something is happening in this school its evil and it threatens the studants. please can you pull Zuri, Benjeman, Crystal, Damien, Azlena, Jorden, Mazany and my self out of lessons for the time being. If you dont we will just skip them. They are going to help me master my powers so I can protect this school from the threat" The last line I glared at Corniva, I knew she was involved her emotions showed it, Anger and shock.

"you have my permission but make sure the studants are protected I dont any uneeded harm, be careful Midnight do not make the same mistakes as your mother" He said gravely, his emotions said it all. Despair, grief, lost, love and guilt. I shook my head tying to stop feeling his emotions.

We all said our good byes as soon as we were far away from the office so no-one could here us I sat against the all bringing my knees up and wrapping my arms around my waist. I looked at Zuri.

"So what know, how do we sace Mazany. I trust you more than anything please I have through too much for you to keep lying to me just tell me the truth" She nodded and sat down next to me.

The End

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