"Right first thing first." I said to Damien who was following me outside.

"What?" He asked the wonder in his voice.

"This." Then I slapped him hard across the face. "That is for following me last night and poking around in my head, without an invite."

"Crystal I"-

I placed two fingers over his lips shutting him up; I stepped closer to him moving my left hand around his neck. I closed my dark pink eyes and stretched up to kiss his lips softly.

 Damien pulled back puzzled. "And what was that for?"

"Because you cared for me last night and because when I'm with you, I forget my past. The way my own father treated me, he never cared for me the way that you do." I admitted to him. "Sorry about the slap."

"S'ok next time I'll ask." Damien replied taking my face and titling it up so he could kiss me.     


"Dammit why can't I see anything?" I said after my third go. "I can't pick up on anything."

"Can you see anything at all?" Damien asked.

"No it's just burry and black, like an invisible wall." I explained. "When I tired to find Midnight on the trip, I saw exactly where she was in no time. Even though we were under presser, but surly I'm doing this under presser too."

"Why would you need to find Midnight fast, how come you was under presser?" Oooo god had no one told him about the vampire slayers we come across. Apparently not by the look on his face, this wasn't going to go down well.

"Waiting Crystal, what is it? You've got that look on your face." His eyes scanned over my face. "Tell me now or your regret it later." He teased.

Ok let's see how far he's willing to take this. "I take a risks in life, do your worse."

"That's the trouble Crystal you always take the hard route." He whispered, and then his arms slide around my waist and moving behind me. "I'll hold on if I were you." Then his black wings were stanched out and I couldn't feel the ground under my lace ups anymore. Only a few times has Damien taken me up into the air, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Damien zoomed round the sky like he owned it, not caring if any teachers saw us, skipping class.

I even started to laugh so did Damien then his arms released me; I was falling back down to the ground. A few seconds later I felt warm strong hands around my body, stopping me from going any further.

"Told ya your regret it." I couldn't help but smile at his little trick.

"As much as I would like to stay flying around all day, we really need to get to work. Perhaps if I take some blood, feeling thirsty since I woken up, that dream really knock me about." I told him, he nodded and took us back down.

"Here it be quicker and better." Damien showed me his wrist.

"No...Damien." The urge to snatch his wrist was unbearable, his blue vain on full show.

"Please can we not fight now?." He begged me.

"I do you a deal, let me take the...can blood. See if it helps me to see anything." I didn't know if I could even take a mouthful with spitting it out. "If I can't see anything then..." I tailed off at the end already knowing where I was going with it.

"Ok let's go." Damien took my hand and we went into the school canteen, it was desecrated everyone else was in lessons. I grabbed a can turned away from Damien and drank the whole can. I coughed a few times, I was too used to it been warm and fresh ‘straight from the tap' people might say.

"Ugh! Maybe if I had a clue or something." I started pacing around the canteen, the smell of blood still in the air. "Ugh, I need to get out of here."  

"You still haven't told me about the trip." Damien remembered.

"Can we do this later please, I tell you everything. Even about." I walked a head of him. "Missing you soo much, having all of these unheard of emotions and blurting them out to Midnight and Zuri."

I felt his breath behind my neck, then his lips on my skin. I shivered under my school uniform, my body burned from his touch. "I know that Zuri said that you should stick with me but." I turn to face those crystal blue eyes of his. "I want to do this on my own. That means you don't follow me Damien, go it?" I warned, it was hard for me to say it but I really did need to do this on my own. Our eyes were locked, neither of us moved. His face was stiff like he was fighting letting go of me. He titled my head up like before and kissed me.

We broke apart nearly breathless. "See ya soon my angle." Damien kissed my forehead a light chuckle escaped his lips.

"And will be forever, Angelo."       

The End

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