Benjeman was carrying a sleeping Middy in his arms. He was staring at her face.

"Do you think she will be able to cope?" He asked quietly. I sighed and looked at her myself.

"Little Moon is strong but she is still a broken little girl who watched her mother die. I don't know if she will cope; only time will tell," I whispered. There was a pause.

"Middy is unique," Benjeman muttered. I smiled. He was right, Little Moon was certainly unique. "Don't underestimate her," Benjeman continued. I glared at him.

"Have you ever lost a family member, High Pureblood? A close one?" I demanded. Benjeman hesitated then shook his head.

"I never really knew any of my family," he answered. We were in his room and he lay Little Moon on his bed. He stroked her face and brushed her hair back. Then he focused on me.

"Then you cannot understand the scars losing someone close leaves," I stated simply, "And you can never begin to imagine what it is like to witness them being murdered until it happens to you." I spun around and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" Benjeman demanded. He grabbed my arm roughly and I twisted around. He stared at me with pity in his eyes. "Don't go to him, Brook," Benjeman pleaded.

"I don't see why you should care what I do," I hissed. He tightened his grip and tried to use his powers on me.

"No!" I shouted and shot a full blast of Elements at him. He flew backwards and Little Moon jolted awake. I was already running, invisible, muttering apologies under my breath for what I'd done to Benjeman.

I let Nature guide me threw the trees. It wasn't hard, finding him. He made it easy by crashing into me. We both fell to the ground, gazing at each other. It reminded me of our many childhood games which often ended with some sort of crash. He recovered first.

"What are you doing here, Zuri? He hates you as much as He hates the witch."

I snorted, "I know that, Nutbrain. I came because I know Middy sent you a message." A flicker of anger went through his eyes, at the thought of Middy's message, but it wasn't his anger, it was Shadow's. "You have to fight him off just a little longer, Little One. We need you to come back to the Academy."

"It's too dangerous, Zuri," Mazany shook his head. I stood up and, despite his protests, helped him to stand.

"How can we get rid of him if you're not there?" I raised an eyebrow, "Plus it's better if we know where our friend Shadow is instead of having you run loose and him with you." Mazany thought that over and swallowed.

"When you put it that way..." Mazany winced as Shadow fought for control. I backed away thinking furiously for something that'd give him strength.

"She loves you, Maz!" I called, "You know that! She told you! Middy loves you!" Maz shudddered but I knew when he was back in control.

"Let's go," Maz murmured, "Quickly." I grinned triumphantly and took his hand. We began to run.

"Zuri, have I ever told you how annoying you are when you're right?" Maz asked suddenly and I laughed.

"Several times," I shot him a grin. He shook his head but I saw he was smiling slightly. We reached the Academy just before the vampires returned. I grimaced when I saw Benjeman. He glared at me and I cringed. Jordan glanced between us confused.

"Mazany!" Middy flung herself at Maz and wrapped her arms around him. He hesitantly hugged her back and whispered in her ear. She blushed and they let go. Maz nodded to me and I grabbed his arm gently but firmly. I took him to his room and locked him in. It was a precaution. When I returned to the others I saw Alzena in Orlando's arms and Damien along with Crystal were greeting the others.

I received my share of embraces. Middy kissed my cheek and even Benjeman didn't look as mad at me. Now Maz was back I was beginning to feel hope that the end was near. I had hope that we'd get rid of Shadow permanently, that Middy and Maz would be together. That Damien and Crystal could be together without fear of being punished. Hope for everything.

"Alright, guys," Crystal said loudly over the chatter, "Let's get started because I would like to end this once and for all."

"Sounds good to me," I smiled, "Jordan, could you, perhaps, talk to Benjeman?" Jordan nodded understanding I meant we needed her knowledge of her father and her powers. "Thanks," I said then turned to Middy, "Little Moon, we need to find your father to talk to him about your powers. Orlando should come too. Crystal, I need you to be keeping an eye out for the future. Damien, stick with her. OK, everyone, let's get moving." We all went off to do our seperate things. Alzena stuck to Orlando and both of them followed Middy and I. Middy slipped her arm through mine, staring straight ahead.

I realised that talking to her father wasn't exactly comfortable for her.

I understood that all too well.

The End

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