Tears streamed dwn my face I couldnt control them. All my emotionmixed togethor, pain, lost, confusion, anger, love, grief.

"I completely forgot though. I made myself forget the Darkest Period of my life. Until He returned, I didn't know who you were. Thalpius was my Little Sun and you my Little Moon." she stood up I felt her gaze on me. I felt drained,weak like a child again.

"He didn't want to kill her, Middy," she whispered as if telling me somethnig specia;  "He was grateful and in a way he loved her because she was the mother and friend he always wanted. It wasn't him that hurt her. It was Shadow." I made my mind trail back and remebered that little boy with fox tails and fire coloured hair. I remebered how much I wanted to play with. I felt the pain he had, the way ooked at my mother longing.

It was shadow who took my mother a new feeling ran threw my body making me heat up and feel stronger than ever. He killed my mother because she cared for him and she was powerful.

"I love him," I said my voice sounded stronger and clearer than usual "I'm with you, Zuri." I leapt tomy  feet with grace that I always lacked when growing up, my eyes blazing stronger than ever.

"Shadow took my mother" I said threw my teeth. "I won't let him take my fire fox too."

I heard some one cry out in pain I looked at Zuri we both knew who it was.

I ran to the source I eyes glowing my hair flaring out around and my dress floating around me.

I founed the new with Jordon staring shocked.

"Where did he go?" I hissed she cringed slightly at my demand and pointed in the direction.  I was running as fast as I could go I could feel the branches trying to hold me back but I ignored it. Benjeman and Zuri appeared in front of me. I leaped over them hissing. but benejem grabbe my ankle and zuri jumped on back and I landed flat on the ground.

"Im sorry Little moon but I cannot let you go after him, we need to train you to use your powers propelly then we will lwt you have your revenge" Thats it the strange feeling inside me I wanted reveng I wanted to see shadow dissapear for good.

"Nature I know I dont control you, but my mother Eliabeth pureblood vampire did and she was my mother please listen to my call I need you help" I whispered I felt the breeze around in response "Please send Mazany my little fire fox a message ' I love you Mazany and I am working ona way to save you, I do not hate you it wasnt you who killed my mother. Please stay safe" I felt as if my word were carried away witht he wind.

Zuri helped me stand up "Benjii you knew what happened to my mum" I said nicely he nodded. I skipped towards him and smiled who looked confused. before he knew what was happeing. I hit him with all my might "That" I hissed "was for not telling me, and for grabbing my ankle" I pulled him down by his shoulders and kissing him lightly where I hit him.

"Thats for always being there to protect and worry sbout me" I yawned "We better get back to the school soon. Benjii grinned and picked me up in his arms again and we all walked back to the hotel. I fell asleep in his arms.

"Do you think she weill be able to cope" I heared Benjemans voice hushed slightly

Zuri sighed "Little moon is strong but she is still a brocken little girl who watched her mother died. Idont know if she will cope only time will tell"

The End

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