I sat still, for how long I didn't know but I heard someone gasp my name but I didn't care. I had killed her. I had killed Midnight's mother. I had my head on my knees, the person said my name again, looking up slowly I saw Crystal standing in front of me,

Oh god no... I thought to myself, I glanced away from her unable to meet her eye. I had nearly killed the person she loved... just like I had done to Midnight. I felt a stab in my heart and I flinched as Crystal took my bleeding wrist. She didn't say anything for a while, I looked at her and caught her eyes for a the first time. When was the last time we had actually seen each other, it seemed so long ago the time I had spent at the Acadamy. Crystal suddenly hugged me, I didn't know how to respond but a few seconds later I hugged her back. The pain came rushing back and I felt tears fall down my cheeks, this was the first time I had truly felt all the pain from my past at once.

"O' Crystal" I whispered miserably. She pulled away from me, but didn't let go of my hands.

"Don't blame Zuri. She had to Maz, we know the risk." I felt myself tense up, what has Zuri told them... What had she told Middy?

"Middy?" I asked Crystal nervously.

"She doesn't know about her mother." I watched as Crystal paused. "It wasn't you. You didn't kill her, not the real you. You got to believe that." I felt myself flinch slightly. It was my fault, like Shadow said I was just too weak. How did Crystal know about it though. I glanced away and then back at her,

"How did you..?"

"I catch on fast. My past... well." She shrugged. "You got to come back." I felt Shadow push me away, I tired to push back but the symbol just burnt a red pain through my body.

"You don't order me around black blood." He snapped. I felt myself flinch, I tired to struggle again but Shadow just taunted me, See, you are not strong enough! I control you boy, you are just a puppet. I flinched again and stopped struggling.

"Actually it's spellbinder, Shadow." I watched as she spat this at Shadow, the fury etched in her voice.

"Mazany, please." She whispered. I felt Shadow's anger rise, Please Crystal, stop! I whimpered to myself.

Shadow jumped up and grabbed Crystal, slamming her into a tree. I watched as Shadow started to speak but Crystal didn't seem to be afraid of him.

"Why don't you go back to the real creatures of the night? Or don't the pure bloods want you either, like your own human father?" Crystal gasped in shock and I felt myself gain control again. I looked away ashamed and let Crystal go, taking a few steps back so that she was out of my striking distance. 

"Hey Shadow." I heard Crystal say, I looked up to see Crystal tackle me down, "You better be listening." I felt Shadow struggle against me and I tried to gasp,

"Crystal, you need to get off before-"

I kicked her off me and tried to turn away but Shadow took over, I tried to fight him as he approached Crystal with murder glinting in his eyes,

No! Stop! Don't kill her! I watched shocked as Crystal yelled,

"So what you're going to kill me? Then what? Are you going to kill Midnight, somewhere deep down I know that you love her?" It was the shock I needed to gain some control to stop Shadow advancing but I couldn't gain complete control,  I felt my self snarl and my hands flex, ready to attack.

"How about Zuri? Could you really kill her Mazany? After everything that you two have been though?" She betrayed you again though Demon, she told them about you!

No! She was warning them! She didn't betray me... I snapped back.

I watched as Crystal sighed, "Mazany, kill me if you want to. Not because you have to." I saw her glance towards the sky line, Of course! It's nearly morning!

"Your stronger then this Maz. Shadow may have took over but." She took a step forward, I ignored the pain of the symbol and stopped Shadow reaching out to tear her throat apart. Crystal was playing a dangerous game. 

"You have the strength to fight him, I know that you do. Even if you can't see it now. Let us help you."

I watched as she left and I collapsed to my knees, I glanced back towards the place where the others were staying. I wanted to see Middy and Zuri... Maybe they could help me. I got up slowly and stumbled through the under growth towards the hotel. I came to the edge of the clearing and watched as I saw someone I didn't know spoke to Midnight. I saw her hide behind Benjamin and I felt a stab in my chest, Midnight looked at Benjamin, I gritted my teeth. Why was I getting so jealous?

I watched as the girl left, I was about to step forward when I saw Zuri walking towards Middy, I couldn't hear what they were saying so I moved forward further, I knew that Zuri didn't notice me, I heard the end of Zuri's sentence.

Mazany tried to commit suicide but he was saved by a woman with dark blue hair and violet eyes... I'm not sure but wasn't her name Elizabeth or something like that?

"...This woman took Mazany back to her home and her daughter hoped to be friends with Mazany but Mazany was deliberately cruel to protect them. He stayed with the family for a few days... until he lost control. I tried to reach the family sooner after over hearing Al'Drako and Ice speaking about Shadow's plan but they attacked me and... my..." A tear fell down my cheek, "My little brother, Thalpius. We were losing until Thalpius was hit in the heart by Ice. I lost control, my fury was overpowering and I escaped in time to go to the family caring for Mazany. I managed to save the daughter... who sits before me now. Unfortunately, I was not in time to help the mother..."

I didn't hear the rest, I felt myself gasping for breath and I began to back away slowly, how could she? How could Zuri tell her? How could Zuri tell Midnight that I had killed her mother?!

Because she will alway betray you... She wants you to suffer! Do you think Midnight will still love you? Do you think Midnight will not want her revenge?

I felt tears spill from my eyes and I ran away, fleeing. Not wanting to hear the reply that Midnight would surely give.

I stopped a few moments later and rested my head upon a tree, breathing heavily. Tears streamed down my face,

"How could she? How could.." I felt a lump rise in my throat,

"Who are you?" I voice demanded behind me. I spun round and saw the girl I had seen earlier standing behind me. She had red hair and as I smelt her sense I instantly knew what she was, I gasped and moved away from her. My whole body was shaking. She was a Witch. I didn't want to feel anymore pain.

"Stay away from me!" I sobbed,

"Hey! What do you mean? Who are you?" She stepped closer towards me,

"No! Stay away from me! Please don't hurt me Witch!" She looked offended and I gasped in pain as I felt Shadow roar in my mind,

You! That girl! Kill that girl!

I cried out in pain.

"Go away! Please! You're making him angry! Please it hurts so much! Please make it stop!" I screamed.

"Who-who are you?!" She yelled at me,

"You can't be him! You can't be Shadow!" I fell against the tree, clutching my head.

"He hates you! Run! I don't want to kill you!" She looked at me shocked, I ran past her and fled through the trees.

The End

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