Jordan Scare was an interesting person - even for a witch. I noted Benjeman's interest in her also. I was too tired to laugh but my lips twitched at the thought. I wondered out loud why he didn't put her in Middy's room.

I liked her - even if she was Shadow's child. I also hated the fact she could see my past but I remained silent.

I fell into an deep sleep but then images started flickering through my mind. Crystal was sneaking around. I called to her but my voice was too faint. I saw her and Maz. Shadow...

"Crystal stop it!" I screamed silently, "Move away now!"

She ignored my pleas and began to walk away. I sat bolt upright. I was sweating all over. I groaned and rubbed my eyes. Side effects of Shadow's return: sleepless nights, pain through Nature and the loss of Maz. I forced myself to stand and headed out of the room. I needed to wake myself up some. Trust Crystal to be the one to do it for me. Nature hit me.

Zuri, Crystal's voice whispered, tell the others that I'm OK. I need to get out of the woods: I can feel the morning light coming. I'm at the academy and I'll explain later...

"You better explain, Crystal Storm," I muttered, "Or else I'm gonna murder you for going to find Maz alone."

I went back to my room and showered. I put on some shorts and a T-shirt. Jordan was just stirring as I exited the bathroom.

"Morning, Jordan," I smiled at her.

"Huh? Oh, morning," she mumbled, "You're up early."

"It's a Pixie thing," I joked, "Well, I'm heading out. Oh, before I go, talking of 'out' can you do me a favour?"

"Depends," Jordan hedged.

"Please could you stay out of my head and emotions?"

"I'll try but why are you so bothered?"

"If I told you that then there'd be no need for you to stay out of my head," I teased, "Catch up with you later, Jordan."

"See ya," she replied and stumbled to the bathroom.

"We're gonna be great friends, Jordan," I whispered mostly to myself. Then I headed for Benjeman's room. He'd left a note to 'Any little person who may come looking for me'. Oh, hilarious. I headed outside the hotel to see Middy walking around in the morning light and Benjeman was just watching.

Middy gave me a hard stare.

"You know then, Little Moon," I stated.

"Not as much as I'd like to know," she replied, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I need your trust, Middy," I murmured, "I didn't tell you sooner for fear of losing that trust. I came to find you to tell you all that happened. If you'd like, that is." Middy looked uncertain then she nodded.

"Please, tell me what happened," Middy whispered. I walked to a tree and sat down on the earth. Middy sat opposite me and Benjeman sat next to her. I took a deep breath.

"Mazany had lost control completely. He always described it as being a puppet. Shadow's and Ice's puppet."

"Ice?" Middy frowned.

"My older half-sister," I answered, "But that is another story. Maybe Benjeman will tell you of Ice one day... I never want to utter the name again and never want to hear it uttered. Anyway, Shadow planned eternal darkness. There was one person he felt was a bit of a threat to him. Your mother. It was her power he feared, the same power you have. He devised a cunning plan, not only did he want her dead but he wanted to rip Mazany up further.

"Shadow left Mazany to himself, Shadow retreated to the back of Maz's mind. Mazany tried to commit suicide but he was saved by a woman with dark blue hair and violet eyes... I'm not sure but wasn't her name Elizabeth or something like that?

"This woman took Mazany back to her home and her daughter hoped to be friends with Mazany but Mazany was deliberately cruel to protect them.

"He stayed with the family for a few days... until he lost control. I tried to reach the family sooner after over hearing Al'drako and Ice speaking about Shadow's plan but they attacked me and... my..." A tear fell down my cheek, "My little brother, Thalpius. We were losing until Thalpius was hit in the heart by Ice. I lost control, my fury was overpowering and I escaped in time to go to the family caring for Mazany. I managed to save the daughter... who sits before me now. Unfortunately, I was not in time to help the mother.

"Did you know I stayed with you and watched over you for months? I watched your innocent life shatter. I'd lost Thalpius but I'd gained someone who I knew I'd always love as a sister... I only hoped I'd get the chance to tell her.

"I completely forgot though. I made myself forget the Darkest Period of my life. Until He returned, I didn't know who you were. Thalpius was my Little Sun and you my Little Moon." I stood up and looked down at a crying Midnight.

"He didn't want to kill her, Middy," I breathed, "He was grateful and in a way he loved her because she was the mother and friend he always wanted. It wasn't him that hurt her. It was Shadow." Middy stared at the ground for a long time. Then she looked at me, eyes blazing.

"I love him," she said clear and strong, "I'm with you, Zuri." She leapt to her feet.

"Shadow took my mother.

"I won't let him take my fire fox too."

The End

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