I sat in the tree watching the school say go by, no-oe came to bother me they knew to keep there distance. I mean who wouldnt Im a Fallen angel tainted souls. I smiked to my-self tainted fi that is who I as so be it. As long as I had Cristal I would be ok.

I shook my head all I could think of was her, the way she played the piano, they was she sang with all her heart. Her cherry red hair, her smell was sweet hoey smell. But not once had she ever used her gift to draw people to her. I loved how she easily fited into my arms it was liked we belonged togethor.

I felt some sit on the branch next to me I turned to see Azlena, she looked as lost and glum as I did I looked straight ahead.

"They will be back tomorow" I stated, not looking at her she gasped.

"Really that soon, yay I cant wait to see him, I guess your missing Crystal eh?" she said sound excited, I nodded.

After a while she left me to go to her next lesson, I couldnt concerntrate, no-one ever bothered telling me to go class. I get top awnser all year round its not like I will fail.

The school day finnished quickly, one more day then they will be back, I missed Midnight too but no where near as much as I missed Crystal. I was doing Prefect duties, When I sensed someone had entered the school grounds I ran to where they came from. I caught the familiar smell of sweet honey. Crystal, I searched for her mind. She had just sighned in.

I ran into the building and stopped just as turned the corner smiling smugly.You never do listen to the rules do you? Like the staying together part?" I said I was very amusedby her sudden show up.

She laughed . "Every guy likes a bad girl." she winked at me; I raised a eyebrow and grinned. His wings were neatly tucked away, I looked at her she was wearing a blue hoodie and dark blue jeans and pums"Your not bad, mysterious is one word." I stated smiling

"O'yer." she challenged

"Yer." I repeated. "Come here."

She walked slowly tersely towards me. "Is that an order, Prefect?"

"Take it how you want, Storm." I teased back using her last name; she ran her right finger up and down his chest, her touched left a burning trail behind making me want her more.

I tried to kiss her but she playfully moved her lips away. so I did the same thing when she tried to kiss me grinning

"Your room." she whispered.

"Is that an order, Storm?" I whispered back, reapiting her works.

"Take it how you want, Prefect." We both looked at each other, I picker her up in my  arms are around her. We flew to my room, slamming the door shut and locking it.

We stood facing each other waiting for the other one to move. Then I took my tie off, while Crystal  unzipped her hoddie. her figures were unbuttoning my shirt, she kiss my chest, I quickly pulled off her black very, I looked down at her her creamy skin, her body was perfect and she was mine. My lips were kissing her body, but I was wary of her scars I didnt want to hurt her.

"It's ok. I like it." she resured me, so I kissed them without hesitation,I pushed her down to the bed. I  leaned over her body supported my weight on my hands so I didnt crush her, I whispered so softly in her ear.

"I missed you Crystal." she moved so I could see my face, I shocked my-self knowing I meant every word. I really did her

"You don't know how much that means to me." she said softly she kissed checks, jaw line then my lips. She pulled back touching my cheek. "I missed you too Damien." My heart skipped she missed me too.

I kissed her lips again; my hands in her hair pulling her closer. The kiss deepened and we were connected though the kiss. I pulled away from her.

I stroked her hair "I dont want to do anything you will regret, your tired gets some rest" she nodded. I stood up and opened my drawer. I threw her a t-shirt. I walked into my bathroom. "Well you need to sleep in something dont you?"

I shut the door and changed in to some bottoms I left my top off. I walked back into mt bedroom she was folding her top on placing with her clothes. She turned round, the top was huge on her alook more like a dress. I didnt realised the which T-shirt I gaver it was black and said "Im your Angel" Midnight got it me as a joke.

I walked over to her picked her up and lay on the bed, I lay behing her and cuddled close to her. "I guess you are my angel" she giggled.

I whispered "and will be forever" Finally she was back

The End

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