I had to shower before going to sleep, I could still feel Oliver skin on mine. I felt as if I was being watched even though the curtains were close. I was fiddling with the necklace for some reason I couldn't take it off, but I didn't mind so much. Looking into the sapphire stone I remembered hearing that voice from before, when I wasn't sure in the alley. Who was it? It was a woman's voice but it was too vague in my memory. Then my senses were alert, someone was coming. My hearing could pick up on the conversation a few doors down.

 "What's wrong?" That was Zuri sleepy voice.

 "Nothing, nothing. Zuri, um, this is Jordan Scare. She's a witch who's starting at Nightworld when we get back, so she's gonna be coming with us and need a place to sleep tonight." The second one was Benjamin.

 "Sure she can come and rest her head in here with me." Zuri replied to him.
"Thanks. "Goodnight you two" Benjamin told them before leaving.

Who was this? Haven't we got enough problems to deal with? My fist was clenched around the pendant wishing I could sense the other person better. Suddenly, I was in my ‘ghost form' as I called it, like with Maz. I was standing or rather hovering in Zuri room. Zuri herself was flat out asleep on the floor, it felt nice too see her relaxed. I moved over to the bed, a girl with red hair was curled up under the blankets asleep. She wasn't a vampire nor was she human. The scar on my lower back burned lightly making me take a sharp intake on air.

It's a witch! I moved closer my mind trying to work her out. Instinct was telling me not to touch her. Why though? What could she do? Never the less, I kept my arms by my side.

"Tap, Tap." I gasped out in shock and turned to the window. But when I looked nothing was there. I left them sleep, but as I went near Zuri I thought I heard her mummer my name. I didn't feel tired even after using my power, just how many powers do vampires have? Middy's were strong when she used them, Orlando could change into different animals, and I wasn't too sure on Benjamin power though.

I was pacing in my room when I heard the ‘tap, tap' sound again. I went over to the window again but nothing. For some reason I ended up changing into a pair of dark blue jeans, a black vest and a blue zip up. I was just lacing up my pumps when I heard the noise again. Right I thought as I went over to the window, I opened it and looked out into the night. A cool breeze swept over my body making me shiver.

"Hello?" I called out leaning more forward out the window. Using my senses I tried to pick up on anything out there.

 "NO! Make it stop!!" Someone screamed out in agony the sound went straight though me. Then I could pick up on the scent that went with the scream. Mazany.

"Mazany!" I shouted. "Maz...Whoa" Suddenly I was falling; I landed catlike on the ground. Mazany was in trouble and needed help. I broke into a run and followed the scent into the woods.

I stopped dead in my tracks facing the black raven. I blinked once and Corvina appeared.

"Crystal. How nice." She smiled at me, her raven black hair blowing lightly in the wind.

"Corvina." I said sharply, looking for a way to get round her.

"Seen dear Damien lately?" She raised her eyebrow at me.

"What do you want? In fact where's Mazany?" I questioned.

"So many questions in soo little time. Your little fox friend is well... seeing his true colours... something along the lines of that." Her voice cut though me.

"What have you done to him?" I asked growling at her.

"He doesn't seem to like my gifts." She replied in a sweet evil voice. "How's yours?" All at once I was in agony my scar burned my back, growling in pain.

"Take that as a no then." She laughed in her throat. "Now while you're down their pay attention."

"Stop it!" I managed to get out, the pain was unbearable. She clicked her bony white fingers and the pain eased off. I was on my hands and knees unable to stand.  Corvina was bending down in front of me looking closely at me with those grey eyes.

"Well that's something you don't see everyday." Her fingers grabbed at my necklace.  "This is going to be fun, I wonder?" She slapped both of her hand on my face and closed her eyes. "A spellbinder."

I gasped. "A. Spellbinder?"

"Witch blood in you. From your mother not doubt that is her necklace is it not." She took her hands away; I couldn't work any of this out.

"I'm a made vampire you said yourself. Black blood child, made vampire." I gasped remembering the hurtful word that she used. "Lucas sent me this necklace for my birthday."

"Come on Crystal get a grip will you. The necklace doesn't just work om anyone, you need to have witch blood in you." Corvina explained, could she be lying to me? She stood up took one last look at me then turned back into a black raven and vanished. Eventually I did stand up but I was in total shock, Lucas needed to speak to me when I got back, was this it?

 I walked though the woods in a dream like trance, then I seen a body crumpet up against a tree. Mazany. I rushed over to him smelling the blood.

"Mazany." I whispered he looked bad. His head was resting on his knees, he looked so vulnerable and young like a lost little boy. "Mazany." He looked red ringed eyes didn't meet my own. I took his injured wrist taking a look at the symbol that was bleeding slowly.

It all clicked then. Corvina was here, this wasn't her symbol, but she had something to do with it. Mazany saw me looking; I caught his eyes for the first time. We didn't say anything but I could see the pain in his face. Then I hugged him, he wasn't too sure on how to respond but then his arms came up my back. Tears filled his eyes and fell on my neck.

"O' Crystal." He whispered.

I pulled back just holding his hands. "Don't blame Zuri. She had to Maz, we know the risk." I told him feeling him tens up.

"Middy?" I just nodded. "She doesn't know about her mother." I took a deep breath. "It wasn't you. You didn't kill her, not the real you. You got to believe that."

"How did you?"

"I catch on fast. My past... well." I shrugged. "You got to come back."

"You don't order me around black blood." He snapped.

"Actually it's spellbinder, Shadow." The fury in my voice ripped around my body. "Mazany, please." I begged.

Suddenly, Mazany jumped up taking me with him and slamming me against a tree. Shadow was specking thought Mazany, but I wasn't afraid of him even though I should be.

"Why don't you go back to the real creatures of the night? Or don't the pure bloods want you either, like your own human father? I gasped; Mazany looked ashamed that he even said it. Mazany drop me and took a few steps back.

"Hey Shadow." Mazany looked up, unaware of my sudden leap. "You better be listening."

"Crystal, you need to get off before"-

Mazany or Shadow kicked me, sending me into the air. I could see him coming towards me, the look in his eye made me stop breathing.

"So what you're going to kill me? Then what? Are you going to kill Midnight, somewhere deep down I know that you love her?" He stopped in his tracks, snarling and hands at the ready to attack. "How about Zuri? Could you really kill her Mazany? After everything that you two have been though?"

 I sighed taking in some deep breathes. "Mazany, kill me if you want to. Not because you have to." It was getting later and later and I needed to get inside. Mazany was still watching me. "Your stronger then this Maz. Shadow may have took over but." Taking another deep breath and stepping closer to him. "You have the strength to fight him, I know that you do. Even if you can't see it now. Let us help you."

I knew that it was a risk turning my back on him as I walked away. No one coving my un- protect back in case Shadow made a move for me. It was too far to the hotel, so I ended up walking back to the academy. O'god the others, I forgot to pick my mobile up. Great how can I tell them where I am? An idea came into my head looking up to the trees. Zuri.

"Zuri, tell the others that I'm ok. I need to get out of the woods; I can feel the morning light coming. I'm at the academy and I'll explain later..." I said out loud hoping that she would get the message, the wind picked up around me then went.

I made it into the academy just as the soon rose. Lucky. I signed back in and walked down the dissected corridors. Suddenly a figure appeared at the end of corridor, smiling smugly.

"You never do listen to the rules do you? Like the staying together part?" Damien voice amused.

I laughed this sounded something like Orlando had said. "Every guy likes a bad girl." I winked at him; he raised a eyebrow and grinned. His wings were neatly tucked away, his muscles showing under his tight school shirt.

"Your not bad, mysterious is one word."

"O'yer." I challenged

"Yer." He repeated. "Come here."

I walked slowly tersely towards him. "Is that an order, Prefect?"

"Take it how you want, Storm." He teased back using my last name; I ran my right finger up and down his chest.

He tried to kiss me but I playfully moved my lips away. Then he did the same when I tried to kiss him.

"Your room." I whispered.

"Is that an order, Storm?" He whispered back, using the same sentence as me.

"Take it how you want, Prefect." We both looked at each other, next thing I know Damien arms are around me. We flew to his room, slamming the door shut and locking it.

We stood facing each other waiting for the other one to move. Then Damien took his tie off, I unzipped my hoddie. My figures were unbuttoning his shirt, I kiss his chest, and his arms went under my black vest he took it off. Damien lips were kissing my body; he was weary of kissing my scars.

"It's ok. I like it." Then he kissed them without hesitation, he pushed me down to the bed. His leant his body down to me and whispered so softly in my ear I nearly missed it.

"I missed you Crystal." I moved so I could see his face, he meant every word.

"You don't know how much that means to me." Then I kissed his checks, jaw line then his lips. I pulled back touching his cheek. "I missed you too Damien."

Damien lips found mine; his hands went in my hair pulling me closer. The kiss deepened and we were connected though the kiss.    

The End

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