I woke up for the secand time, I knew it was daylight as I felt weakend. I looked up to see Benjeman still holding me close to him. I blushed I went to move away but he pulled me closer. I giggled and he smiled.

"Benjyy..." I whined he opened his eyes.

"Whats wrong Middy?" he questioned his eyes looking confused. " I want to go for a walk" I said simply.

"Midnight dont you understand its dangarous at the moment never mind the sun" he said, it almost pained him to say as purebloods we have never been safe in the sun born vampires cursed for life.

I smiled "I have my parasol to protect from the sun, I just need to b albe to think please" he nodded and let go of me I skipped I jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom.

I wore a white dress with black lace, white tights and long white gloves. My hair hung wavy down my back, I placed my white choker with cresent moon showing who I was. I skipped out with my Parasol. I was Benjeman was up and dressed waiting for me.

"I am coming Im not letting you wonder freelly unprotected" he said sternly I nodded he walked to the lobby then out side I put the Parasol up and linked arms with Benjeman.

I sighed "Im really sorry, I didnt mean to react that way I was just scared I didnt know how to react" he seemed stunned by what I said but I carried on. "but Im scared Benjy Im really scared, I dreamed about my mum dying again" I sighed "I think it might have something to do with Shadow" He looked down at me his full of sympathy.

"Zuri will explain at the right time" He said softly. I nodded.

I took a shaky breath "Benjeman, I didnt want to feed off the human you know that dont you. It was different from the canned stuff" I wrinkled my nose "I didnt know blood was so sweet but it wasnt as good as yours"  I siad softly I blushed towards the end.

He chuckled and grinned down at me " But Midnight as we are both purebloods our blood is one to our kind the sweetest thing to drink and to a human to most deadly poison" I shuddered " and drinking blood does not make you a monster you were born this way. You are sweetest and csring girl I know dont ever think of your-self that way. I just wish you would accept who you are"

I hissed at him " I am not a high pure blood Benjeman" I looked down "I am nothing like my parents I dont have the rights to say I am" I heard someone gasp behind me I swirled arounnd. I crouched down and hissed. My eyes would have been glowing red my hair blowing around me along with my dress.

I saw a girl around my age just  little taller than me she had short red hair, I sensed she was a witch. I hissed louder and Benjeman put his hands on my shoulder "Middy its ok her names Jorden, I met her at the club shes a witch and shes joining the school.

I suddenly felt guilty I stood and bowed to her " I am very sorry I didnt know" I said weakly, the girl giggled.

"Its ok I understand erm sorry for over hearing you, your not like most vampires are you?" I stood and looked at her shocked. I took a step back away from her. I tripped I closed my eyes waiting for the impact. It never came I opened my eyes to see Benjemen holding just before I feel to the ground.

"Thank you" shyly and blushed he set me to my feet and I stepped slightly behind him. "How much did you hear?" I asked weakly.

"Well about you dont like drinking from humans, I guessed your first time drinking last night, you prefer Benjemans to humans. Your mother died because of Shadow. That your scared and your are a high pureblood but wont admit it" she said promptly. I hid behing Benjemans back completly scared now.

She knew too much she could tell anyone about me "Benjeman took my hand and pulled me from around his back I was shaking the whole time.

"You will not repeat that to anyone Jordon do you understand?" She nodded and looked slightly hurt at the sight of us togethor. I looked up and Benjeman. Who was this girl to him ? Why do I feel so safe with him ?

The End

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