"Hey! Kid are you ok?" I looked up slowly and saw a man standing in front of me, I felt Shadow slip into my body and a few seconds later that same man was lying, dead, at my feet.

"No" I said quietly, I tired to push Shadow away but he was stronger then me. I watched as we walked to the edge of the alleyway and glanced round the corner, I felt Shadow move away and watched as Zuri, Crystal, Benjeman, Orlando and Midnight came out laughing. Shadow was trying to make it hurt me but I wanted them to be safe, I saw Zuri stop and moved further back into the shadows. It hurt that I couldn't show myself to my friends anymore,

Don't worry Demon, they won't be around for much longer. I felt myself tense and I said,

"If you do anything to them, I swear I'll-"

You'll do what? You can't beat me, look behind you. I turned around slowly and saw the hollow eyes of the dead man staring back at me, I felt myself gag, You did that, you couldn't stop me... if only you had been stronger. He taunted, he had found my deepest wound and picked at it until it began to bleed again.

"No... I didn't do that... You made me..."

Everyone has a choice you idiot, your just not strong enough to enforce yours. He said laughing at me. I looked back at my friends and watched as they walked away tensely with Zuri at the front. I ways that hurt me... They treated me like a threat, I was a threat why was I getting so hurt by them? I moved away from the corner and walked along the alleyway, not caring where I went.

At some point I came to an alleyway that led of to a line of trees at the edge of the forest. I walked through them and sat down on the woodland floor, Shadow began to taunt me again. I wanted to die, I wanted to get away from his voice.

I felt a sharp pain from my wrist and clutched it hard, tears springing to my eyes, I felt someone standing behind me.

"So how are you liking my gift?" I jumped up and shifted into my fox form, my lip pulling back into a snarl.

"You ruined my life!" I screamed at Corvina, she smiled at me and whispered something under her breath, the next thing I knew I was pinned against a tree.

"I just thought you might like to know something." I shook my head,

"I don't want to know! I don't want any of this! Please make it stop." I sobbed. The witch walked up to me, her face inches from mine, she looked deep into my eyes.

"So you chose to forget?" She grabbed my chin so that I had to look at her,

"Remember Fire Fox. Remember." The symbol on my arm began to burn sharper and I yelled in pain.

"No! I don't want to remember!" I tried to move but I was pinned down. I saw flashes of my past; creatures laying dead around me flickering forward to a lorry speeding towards me, then me being tackled to the ground and off to someone carrying me to a big house,

"NO! Make it stop!!" I screamed in agony.

A lady who looked just like Midnight knelt before me, a little child playing the violin, the woman coming down the stairs. Elizibeth.

"I don't want to remember anymore." I said crying.

The little girl on the top of the stairs screaming, it was Midnight. Elizibeth screaming in agony as my claws ripped through her side. Her empty eyes looking at me, the little girl crying, me standing in front of her, Zuri appearing, me fleeing.

"No..." I whispered, tears flowed freely down my cheeks.  I felt the bonds loosen and I fell on the woodland floor, I didn't move. I killed Midnight's mother. I killed her.

I saw Corvina kneel down close to my face and she said,

"Don't worry I made sure she didn't remember but the spell is weakening." She said cruely. She got up to leave when she stopped and looked at me.

"She knows. Shadow is no longer a secret."

The End

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