At the club the night before.
I stalked away angrily from my boyfriend, and entered the club. He didn’t belong to my world, I should dump him... I sighed; dumping Cullen was not going to be easy.
I walked in looking around no one was in, that was weird. I walked over to the counter.
“Where is everyone?” I asked James who was on duty tonight. I knew him quite well.
“Well hello to you to Jo. There are Vamps in to night, everyone came and left already; didn’t want to stay around them. I hope the Vamps don’t stay long, they’re a business killer”
I looked over to a table as everyone except one guy got up and went their own way. I walked across the room and sat down watching the Vamps. There was a Pixie and a Vamp guy standing talking and looking across the floor. I followed their gaze; a girl Vamp probably my age stood there talking to a Human. There was only one thing a Vamp like her would want with a Human and that was blood. He took her hand and led her to the dance floor, she beamed and looked back at the Pixie and Vamp guy and stuck out her tongue as the Pixie laughed. The Vamp guy looked pissed off, his expression showed distain and yet interest in the Vamp girl as I watched him. Suddenly he looked around and met eyes with me. I looked away to the door and saw Cullen looking around, confused, like he was looking for something, probably me. There was a tap on my shoulder. I turned, and there was the Vamp guy.
“Hi I’m Benjamin, and I couldn’t help notice you from across the room”
“I don’t associate myself with Vamps” I whispered just low enough for him to hear. He grabbed my arm as I brushed past him sending me into the past as I fought against it.
Why the hell didn’t I wear my gloves tonight...
How I wished I couldn’t see these things...
I saw every instant of his life from his first breath to the last memories. That was weird, I only ever saw one scene from peoples lives. The weirder thing about his memories was that I could actually hear them. Most of his life was watching one particular Vampire girl from afar. She was pretty. For a Vampire that is. He was in love with her even though he didn’t accept the love he felt. It seemed from his past that she didn’t like him much. The last I saw of his memories was watching her dancing close with some guy. It looked like she kissed his neck... Ick, Vampires... she was drinking his blood. How typical. I hadn’t even had to pull out of the past, what was with this? My eyes met his again.
"You’re trying to make her jealous." I said. He froze and narrowed his eyes.
"What are you?" He asked.
"A Witch" I whispered in his ear looking over his shoulder at Cullen he was looking around frantically now. He must have thought that I had been so mad that I was dancing with someone else or something.
"May I? " He asked, pulling me close and pushing my hair over my shoulder. He ran a finger along my neck.
"Don’t drug me with your eyes, Vampire."
"It’s Benjamin, and I really need a drink before I leave. I promise I wont hurt you."
"My boyfriend..." I said, but we both knew I didn’t care that much about Cullen.
He was a human, I couldn’t afford to let him know the true extent of my powers, but this Vampire.. He was intoxicating, and in love with someone. I sighed.
"I don’t let Vamps bite me" I whispered, and he pushed me against the wall.
"That only makes me want you more." He said
"Fine. Make it fast, and don’t you dare try to get me to drink that vial I know you have in your pocket."
"You want to remember me?" He said in surprise.
"Yes." I said, surprising myself. I chuckled and he ran a hand along my neck, finding my pulse. He bent his head and kissed my neck where the pulse was strongest, and then he dug his fangs into my neck. I giggled. Something I hadn’t done in a long time. His phone vibrated and he pulled back.
"Thanks for the drink." He said pulling back and turning around. I grabbed his hand.
"Wait... I want to give you something to remember me by."
"Why wouldn’t I already remember you?" He asked.
"I find Vampires don’t remember people they drink from."
He turned back to look at me.
"You don’t really believe that do you."
I shrugged and leaned in kissing his lips, then pulled back. He looked deep into my eyes, and for the first time ever my heart fluttered.
"Benjamin not to pull you away from a pretty lady but we gotta go." Said an older Vampire.
"Kay, one minute Orlando.” He said, turning back to me. “What’s your name?"
"Jordan, Jordan Scare." I said.
"Benjamin?" said the Vamp Orlando.
What kind of name was Orlando anyways? It’s where Disneyworld is.
"Bye." I said as he walked away. He looked over his shoulder at me and grinned.
After meeting Benjamin, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. A Vampire, he was a Vampire, and he was in love with someone else! Even worse, I had kissed him. I had kissed a Vampire. I gasped as I just realised that while he may have been in love, I had just cheated on my boyfriend.
"Jordan! There you are!" I froze as I heard Cullen’s voice.
"Cullen it’s over"
"I, I, I don’t know. This isn’t going to work, I can’t be with you. You’ll never see me again, its for the best. Bye Cullen." I said and ran out the door.
I walked down the street in deep thought. Why had I dumped him? It wasn’t like this Vampire was going to fall for me or something. I got a head rush and turned into a side alley as to avoid the drunken idiots realising something was up. As my body morphed back to my original 16 years I got a head rush and blinked my eyes as too get rid of the fuzziness. I hated the morph back to my original age; it bugged me so much. I whistled for my broom. It came zooming to me, and I looked up. The clouds were low tonight, this was good for me; it meant no one was going to see me. I let my broom hover for a little while before mounting it. Then I kicked off and promptly flew into the clouds.

The first place I went was to the foster home I live in, I wrote a quick note saying I was running away. I kept it short, sweet and to the point.
Dear Jenna
I can’t live here anymore I have too many things going on in my life and none of them are normal. So, I’m running away, you’ll never see me again.
Jordan Marie Scare
Then I got a backpack and a few of my clothes. Manly I put my family spell books in the bag... Then I was gone, leaving no trace of magic behind in the house. It was always a good idea to leave no magic trace behind, so that people like Jenna don’t find out about us.
I flew to one of the hotels in town this one Vamp regularly stayed at, so I knew that they would probably be here.
"Kiel?" I say as I walked through the door
"Hey Joey!” I gave him a look. I hated that name.
"What ya doin’ hear girl?" He said.
"I met this guy…"
He raised his eyebrows at me.
"It’s not like that. Could you tell me if he’s staying here?"
"Guess so, what’s his name?"
"Benjamin, how do you know the high Pureblood prat?"
"High Pureblood?" I gulped. What had I gotten my self into?
"I need his room number."
"You don’t need to know and no it’s nothing nasty."
"Is that a bite mark on your neck? Oh my god, Mr. Pureblood bit you."
"Give me his room number and I’ll let you live." I said, pulling my wand. No one was in around, it was too early in the morning. What was it? 4, maybe 5?
"He’s in one oh four, he’s here with Nightworld academy though."
"Great." I said. "Thanks."
I headed to the elevator.
"What are you doing Jo?" Kiel called after me.
I looked around, no one was in the room. I got into the elevator and held the door.
"Sorry Kiel, this is for your own good... Frago!"
His eyes went clear and white as I pushed the button. The door closed just as his eyes went back to their normal colour. I got out of the elevator on the third floor and walked along following at the numbers up to 104. I heard voices and instinctively put my ear to the door. What was I doing? Wasn’t I a witch?
"Evdro." I whispered, and stood against the wall beside the door listening to the conversation.
"What's the plan? And what the heck was up with the screaming earlier?" Said a girl’s voice.
Someone sighed.
"Mazany, well Shadow is taking over his body and made him come here. I am bound to nature so Shadow was attacking nature so it could hurt me." Responded a second girl as someone gasped.
"Mazany's in trouble? I have to go see him!" said the first girl.
"No Middy it dangerous!" said a third girl.
"I’m sorry but I need to see him. He could be hurt"
There was a tussle of some kind and then a scream of frustration. Something bad was happening. It sounded like someone was hitting someone else but I couldn’t be sure.
“I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU” someone sobbed.
"Middy will stay with me tonight." said Benjamin, I could never forget his voice.
"No! I don’t want to! I want Mazany! I want Damien!" Middy said weakly.
I had a split second to whisper "Inviko" making me invisible, and I stood as still as I could as the door opened. Benjamin came out carrying the girl I had seen him watching all his life in his arms. She looked so weak, like a china doll. It made me kind of sad. He opened another door and went into the room. How could I do this at such a time, Ben didn’t need anymore worries. I sighed as several people left the room each going to there own room. When all the doors were closed and it was silent, I whispered "Ordve"; reversing the eavesdropping spell. I slid down against the wall across from Benjamin’s room. A little while later his door opened again and he looked around. He came into the hall. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, my jaw dropped and I blinked. Wow, he was so hot. He closed the door.
He said in a low voice "Jordan Scare, how long have you been out here?"
I stood up and whispered "Okivni." This made me reappear.
"A while." I told him.
He shook his head. "Why are you hear Jordan"
"I couldn’t, I cant... the truth is I don’t know. I have this strong urge to be near you"
"I know." He said coming closer to me.
"I know you have so much going on, and you don’t need any more stress…"
"You don’t stress me Jordan... Actually quite the opposite. I feel as if a weight is lifted off my shoulders when you’re here. It’s like I’ve known you my whole life."
"When are you going back to Nightworld academy?"
"Can I come? I can’t stay here."
"I guess, but, I’ll have to talk to everyone."
I nodded and he went into one of the rooms I had seen the older teacher Orlando go into. The door opened "Yeah…? Benjamin, what is it? Is Midnight okay?"
"She’s fine, this is more a personal matter..."
"She followed us here" said Orlando, staring at me.
"What can I say, she’s persistent." agreed Benjamin
"Anyway, Jordan is a witch and she wants to come back to school with us,"
"Well, we can’t stop her, and the school is always accepting new students…" said Orlando.
"Thanks." said Ben. Orlando closed the door and Ben turned to me.
"Well that’s settled."
"Can we talk a bit? " I asked as Ben went to knock on another door. He stopped and turned to me sleepy eyed.
"I know your tired but..."
"It’s okay, you may not believe this, what with me being a blood sucking monster and all, but I actually like you, and I enjoy talking to you."
I smiled and slid down against the wall. He walked over and sat down next to me.
"What are your powers? I’ve seen all of them but I would like to actually know them"
"You saw them?"
"Yeah, I got a glimpse of your life."
"My life.. My whole life?"
I was shocked. Not soul mates. We were not soul mates. I wouldn’t accept, it no I just couldn’t.
"Well my everyday ones are seeing peoples lives, sometimes I can see the future but I always pass out when that happens… Then I can feel others emotions and thoughts but I have a shield against them so it’s only when I let down my shield that they get in... Are you really a high pureblood?" I blurted.
He nodded slowly. "Wish I wasn’t." He said with a sigh.
"It doesn’t change who you are." I whispered.
He looked me in the eye and suddenly we were kissing. I pulled away...
"Sorry, sorry, that was so uncalled for I’m so...."
"Don’t be sorry." He whispered, cutting me off.
He got up and knocked on the Pixies door.
She opened the door
"What’s wrong?"
"Nothing, nothing. Zuri, um, this is Jordan Scare. She’s a witch who’s starting at Nightworld when we get back, so she’s gonna be coming with us and need a place to sleep tonight."
She nodded and then turned to me smiling. Her face fell only for a moment when she saw me then it went back to happy.
"Sure she can come and rest her head in here with me."
“Thanks” Said Ben. “Goodnight you two”
He turned and closed the door.
"I don’t know why he didn’t just let you sleep in Midnights room…" said the Pixie, zuri.
"So, you’re a Witch."
"and you’re a Pixie"
"You’re a High Born Witch, aren’t you?"
"My mom was Alexandra the Great, Merlin’s great grand daughter, and my dad was Prince Victor of Wales." I say
She gasped. "I thought I recognised you!" she said.
I looked away from her "I heard you talking about Shadow…" I whispered the last part about Shadow.
"Your dad absorbed all the evil from the world they say."
"That’s what I’ve been told… That’s what they tell me killed him."
"I don’t remember anything about him, or mom, I cant remember anything before I was eight. Before that it’s all a blur. Some things I think I remember, but I’m not sure." I said.
"It’s okay you know." said Zuri, taking my hand. We both froze and I saw something from her past.
She was shouting.. A man stood before her. She tried to use something on him. A boy ran into the clearing and jumped at him. They knocked him to the ground. His head hit a boulder, and black goo ran out of his head. Black powdery stream into the air in a big black cloud. It started disappearing, but then it seemed to have a hold on the boy. It took hold of him, he tried to fight it off but couldn’t…
"What was that?" asked Zuri
I sighed. "I can see peoples past when they touch my skin."
She nodded. I let down my shield so I could hear her thoughts, I kept a screen up though, so only few things could get through.
She was feeling a lot of emotions. Hope, joy, fear, pain, sadness, and guilt. “I could use this to defeat Shadow, but it’s her dad I’m sure of it, I couldn’t do that to her, she’s lost him once before and she doesn’t even remember it, how could I do that to her…” I closed off the connection, putting the shield back up and thought on what I heard. After a few minutes, I took a deep breath and sighed. "It’s okay Zuri, he’s not my daddy anymore. I don’t even know him, and besides he’s evil if I get rid of that then I’m helping the world. I can help, I will help." I said.
She looked shocked. "I can read thoughts and emotions."
"Wow, I could really use your help then…" she said, her voice heavy with guilt.
I nodded.
"We should get to sleep if we’re leaving tomorrow." I said.
She nodded. I slept on the floor and she slept on the bed… It didn’t take me long to fall asleep.

The End

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