"What's the plan? And what the heck was up with the screaming earlier?" crystal said to Zuri, typical Crystal straight to the point.

Zuri sighed Mazany, well shadow is taking over his body and made him follow here. I am attached to nature to shadow was hurting nature so it would hurt me" I gasped Mazany was here.

I shrugged crystals arms off "Mazany's I have to go see him. Crystal grabbed my arm "No Middy it dangerous" I pulled my arm and I saw the hurt expression in her eyes.

"Im sorry but I need to see him he could be hurt" I ran for the door and Benjeman was stood there. I tried to use my powers but they didnt even budged him. I screamed out in fustration.

I ran forward and just stood there punching in the chest tears streaming down my face. Each blow he didt even flinch, to be honest I was causing more damage to my-self than to him. "I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU" I sobbed out, everybody just stood staring at me in shock.

After a while I began to feel tired and sinked to my knees in deafet, I looked at my hands they were cut and bruised with several brocken bones. "Just tell me what you know about my family please Zuri" I whispered.

Benejeman picked me up and held me like a baby, I would have looked so fragile in his arms. "Middy will stay with me tonight" I began to wriggle.

"Nooo I dont want to I want Mazany, I want Damien, I want my mother" the last part I whispered he held me close to him. He picked up my bag, every thing that I unpacked flew back into it neatly, as we walked out the room.

When we went back to the room, he gave me my bag and I went to the bathroom. I locked the laughing that no of needed a lock becaouse we could easily break it. stripped from my dress and stepped into the shower. I turned it on and just the the hot water flow of my body.

Once I had washed I put a tank top and jogging bottoms, I wored there just in case something happened in the night. I was really tired and could barely keep my eyes open. I saw Benjeman sitting on the sofa just wearing a pair of pants. I blushed when I saw his naked torso, I climbed into bed. We both never said a word and sleep soon took me.

Dream: flash back 10 years ago

Midnight was in the music room with her mother, practising playing the violin, her mother was playing the piano as Midnight played the violin. Midnight watched her mother she was so graceful. They looked alike apart from the fact her mother had violet eyes.

They heard a crash down stairs and the maids screaming, her mother was by Midnights side within secands. " Midnight I was you to stay up here you hear that do not move" Midnight nodded. The screaming continued so Midnight carried on playing the violin to drain out the soud. Until she hear her mum shout.

"PLEASE I WANT TO HELP YOU" Midnight ran to the stairs, and sat on them She saw a big fearce creature knock her mother to the ground. She watched as her mother was torn to pieces. Midnight let out a sob once she knew her mother would be dead.

The creature turned and glared at Midnight I showed her his teeth smeared with her mothers blood. It stalked towards her, when a girl appeared in front of it. "Shes just a child Dont let the Shoadow he take over" The creature shook its head then looked around it let out a whine and ran out of the house.


I sat up and screamed "Mummy" I was breathing heavily, I felt someoe arms go around I bagan to panic not really woken up from the nightmare.

"Middy its me its ok your safe now" I realised it was Benjy I sank into his armsand his arms tightened around me.

"Benjy, I had a nightmare" I sobbed "It was my mother being attacked. I remeber how she died" I tightened my grip onto his shirt and sobbed louder. I dont know how long we sat there like that but eventually I fell back to sleep feeling safe in his arms.


The End

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