You can do this. I thought as I looked at my reflexion in the bathroom mirror. I ran my fingers though my cherry red hair, stopping when it touched over my shoulders. Some make-up on my eyes, my lips already looking full and inviting. The purple vile was safely in my jean pocket, as I open the door hearing the thumping music even more now.

 I could see Midnight as she made her way on to the dance floor with a guy with darkish blonde hair. Midnight had listened to me, she had never done this before but I knew that she would be ok. The guys were busying to with some glossy black hair girls with smooth dark skin. All I could think about was Damien. I felt strange as if something was missing.

"Vodka." I asked the barmen giving him my full attention. He looked at me puzzled for a moment, then walked away to pour my drink. I smiled as I gave him the money, filling slightly pleased with my self. I got lots of looks of people as they pasted me. I shot my drink back heading over to were Orlando was now sitting with Zuri at the table. I caught her eye then someone blocked my view. I felt someone push me; I turned to face them when suddenly I was grabbed from behind. One hand over my mouth then the other had hold of my arms. They were dragging me out the exit into the side ally, whoever it was through me hard to the ground.

OK I've had just about enough of playing the helpless victim I thought angry. Feeling some sort of power in my body as well as my nature instincts take over. I leapt up slamming the body against the wall, bracing my hand either side making it impossible to escape.

"We meet again." The voice told me. I was looking directly into hazel eyes trying to picture the face more.

"You!" I snarled at the boy from the woods. Like Midnight guy he was dress in black. Black jeans, black thin jumper and leather jacket like my own. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Went to see your pretty face again, your such a red hot chick." He replied grinning his head off. I slapped him hard across the face, leaving a nasty red mark.

"You didn't answer my question boy." He didn't move, I grabbed him and slammed him back again against the brick wall. "Don't test me."

"Thirsty?" I growled in response. "Take that as a yes."

"Was there a reason for dragging me out here?" I questioned growling impatient, not only that but his neck was looking really inviting.

"I'm here on my own. I came here looking for your group." He stopped half way though. That thought hadn't crossed my mind, the fact of him being alone or not.

"And?" I prompted I needed to feed soon.

"I wanted to know what it felt like." He said in a smaller voice, not meeting my eyes. I sighed looking around, then feeling my phone vibrate in my leather jacket.

"What's your name?" It's going to have to be him; I didn't have time to grab anyone else.

"Oliver." He relied. "What about yo"-

I kissed the side of his mouth then traced my lips down to his throat. My teeth automatically became sharp. He gasped as my teeth bit into his white throat, his blood poured down my thirsty throat. His blood was good, but it was nothing compared to a pure blood vampire. Nor Damien's for that matter. Damien's blood was nothing like I ever tasted, just the thought of it made me enjoy Oliver's blood even more. I licked the wound, then remembering the purple vile.

"Ouch, what the? O' this is not good." Looking at the cut on my hand, from the glass. The glass vial had broken; it must have been when Oliver through me to the ground. What was I going to do?

"What wrong?" He asked, looking a bit dazed.

"The necklace will help you..."

My hand instantly found the long thin gold chain that was hidden under my shirt. I clenched sapphire heart pendent in my hand, closing my eyes, concentrating. With my other hand I placed it over my bite mark on his neck, Oliver eyes were locked with my own.

"You will remember nothing of the attack in the alley. You will forget taking me out here. And most importantly, you will not remember this happening to you." I could feel the power coming of the necklace, feel it in my body. Strange never had that before. I let it pass; I could see the power working in Oliver's face. His hazel eyes flashed Sapphire blue then back to his normal colour.

My phone went again I didn't bother looking at it this time. There probably wondering where I was.

"Talk about take your time Crystal." Benjamin said we all made our way out the club.

"We tried calling a few times." Midnight told me linking arms with me and Zuri.

 "Did he take the vile?" Zuri asked.

"Erm. He won't remember anything." I tell her later I thought, too many things were going though my head.

"What took ya? Couldn't you find anyone with big black wings?" Orlando joked. That's when I snapped. I growled in the back of my throat, anger flared all over my body.

"Crystal?" Midnight noticing my body changed griped my arm as to hold me back. We were still walking in the street humans were walking next to us, no way could I do anything here.

"I. really need." I could barely get my words out. "I just. I need to. I just want to see him. Feel him around me. Breathe in his scent. I never wanted."

They both just looked at me trying to work me out. "I never wanted someone in my life. Wanted them soo badly it hurts to be away from them." I confessed I couldn't meet there eyes.

Midnight's hand lifted my chin up. "Damien."   

The End

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