I sighed knoqing sooner or later I knew we had to hunt, but I couldnt shake this feeling something bad would happen. I ran my hand threw my long wavy hair. looked at everyones face.

"Ok lets go emeber stay togethor watch out for each other its proven to be more of a risk than I had planned it to be anything happens just shout one of us and we will come as fast as we can" They nodded and we began to walk towards the trees.

Benjemen leaned down and whispered into my ear "You know you shouldnt wory about us, we can look after our selves the one that everyone worrys about the most Middy is you" I stunned I grabbed my weapon from the strap on thigh. I swiled round, I went to hit him with it on his neck. He grabbed the pole and pulled it so I was agaisnt him.

"If you hanve not noticed I am still mad at you for one putting me to sleep and 2 I still hate you" I said coldly I coup feel my eyes glowing red. He chuckled and stroked my cheek.

"Middy you are so adorable when your mad it brings out the true vampire in you" I said trying to soothe me but annoyed me even more. I shot a pulse of energy out he went flying into a tree.

"really sorry but I dont like your filthy hands toughing me" I hissed at him he stood up brushing down his shirt, he glared at me. He ran forward but he was pushed back again. But this time it wasnt me somehow Zuri had got infront of me so I fast I didnt see her at first.

"Mr oh Im a high blood vampire, I think you should control your temper and hands. Because your about to feed on blood not Middy got it" her words cold it made me shudder. I realised she was a lot more powerful than I had realised.

We headed for a bar and walked in the music was blasting and you could feel the beat pulsing threw your body. they limbs tangeled up on the dancefloor moving along with the beat.

I walked ov to a table and sat down everyone else joined me because we had good hearing we didnt need to shout over the music "Ok guys clean up after yourselfs there is not need to kill anyone for ok" I went into my bag and out 4 viles of a purple liquid. "once you have fed on them make them drink this. It will head the bite marks and make them forget that you had just fed off them" The vampires all took one.

I turned to Zuir "You just observe and see how this work ok" she grinned and nodded though I was the only one who knew she wasnt hear to learn.

I stood and smthed my dress down and did what Crystal had told me, I walked up the bar and stodd leaning agasint it looking bored playing with my hair. I heard a guy next to me clear his throut I tunred around and looked at him. He was tall a dark blond wavyish to his shoulders he wore a black shirt open with a shit top underneath, and jeans.

 he leaned close and whispered"Hey there I noticed you looked bored wanna dance?" his voice was low and alluring. I looked at him anxious and bit my bottem lip.

"I would but I dont know how to dance my friend brought me here and we got split up" I whispered back. He grinned at me.

"Hey dot worry Ill show how" he took my hand. once we were in the middle of the dance floor. He slid my hands round me neck and he slid his hands on my hips. I was a little scared. I saw Benjeme watching while glaring I gigle and stuck my tongue out at him. I saw Zuri Appear behind him and laughed too.

He pulled me closer to him and we began to move our hips to the beat. I looked up into his and saw they were full of lust I grinned I can use this to get what I want. I tapped into his mind and made him want to bend down a little.

As he did I saw his exposed neck and made my neck burn. I leaned forward and licked his neck, I could feel his pulse under my tongue I slowly sunk my teeth into his neek. The warm liquid filled my mouth it tasted wonderful. But for some reason it didnt tast as good as Benjems. once I was done feeding. I let go of his mind he shook his head and looked down at me grinning still.

I pulled him down and whispered I have a gift for you" I put in his hand a vile. without thinking he he swallowed and the content as I slipped away in the crowd. I was Zuri and went and stod with her.

"Nicely handeled" she Chimed and grined I just nodded and looked straight ahead. Why did his blood apeal more to me that a humans fresh blood it was still wonderful and made me think canned blood is ycuky but still it confused me more thanvanything.

The End

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