"Hey, Zuri, have you brought any... Erm... Vials with you? I've got a killer headache," Crystal said. It was a pretense.

"Yeah, sure thing, Crystal," I played along. I had a bit of a headache myself but not a normal one. Part of me was keeping control of Nature to keep an eye on Damien: since the task I gave him was more dangerous than anyone can comprehend. Another part was watching Middy like a hawk. I was also making sure that Benjeman didn't repeat any of our conversation. There was also the fact I had to pretend to be observing the hunt while keeping out of the way... I felt like I'd explode at any second.

So why did all my worries vanish when Crystal dragged me to our room? I suppressed a sigh: I had a feeling I knew what was coming.

"Crystal, what do you really want?" I demanded the split second after she shut the door.

"I need to speak to you about Mazany," she was scrutinizing my face. Don't you hate it when your worst suspicions are always the ones that are correct? I struggled to remain composed.

"What about Mazany?" I asked.

"There's something going on with him, isn't there?" She guessed shrewdly, "Something big. Something dark and evil, it's in him." I didn't like this. The more people who knew meant the more people in danger. Although, after Maz, no one was in more danger than me... except, maybe, Middy. I grabbed Crystal and moved us further away from the door. "Zuri?" Crystal prompted.

"Did you see him?" I stalled, "In your visions, what was it?" What had she seen? Shadow taking over? If so then that was just great. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...

"You're right," Crystal admitted. I paid rapt attention. "But it was like I was a ghost," she continued, "I saw his wrist. It was bleeding, also it was like he was talking to himself. He couldn't see me. But I heard this dark laughter and so did he. Then I saw something in his eyes."

"What?" I gasped. No, no, no, no, no! I moaned silently. I was shaking but I couldn't help it.

"It was. Behind his eyes, I could see something dark and evil, that shouldn't belong there." Might as well accept it, Zuri, she knows pretty much everything but His name.

"Have you told anyone else? Midnight?" A new worry.

"No only you." Ah, to get rid of a worry so quickly felt good. "You know don't you? It's happened before." Reluctantly I nodded. "Zuri, I need to know. Midnig-"

"No!" I interrupted in a panic. Too many were involved already. "It's not safe. Especially for her."

"Zuri, please, you gotta tell me whatever it is," Crystal pleaded. I opened my eyes (I hadn't even known I'd shut them). Crystal cared for Maz too but I couldn't let what happened to me happen to her... or anyone.

You have to tell them soon, Little Rainbow, Nature whispered, You cannot fight on your own. I sighed.

"Crystal, I want to tell you but now is no-" I stopped as Nature screamed at me. I caught a flash of Damien and his fear.

"No!" I yelled, "Nature, protect him!" As Lightning made contact with my Nature barrier it was like Lightning had hit me and I went flying. I smashed through the window.

"Zuri!" Crystal shouted. I fell to the ground and the impact broke several bones. I heard the sound of feet running towards me. Benjeman, Orlando, Middy and Crystal crowded around me. Dazed, I spoke without thinking.

"Ha, I win this time Shadow," I whispered and smile a small smile. Then I saw Benjeman's face. I replayed my words and swore.

"That's a first," Orlando muttered with a chuckle, "It doesn't even look right. Seeing a Pixie swear."

"Shadow?" Middy and Crystal asked at the same time.

"Nice one, Zuri," Benjeman rolled his eyes. He held a hand out to me. I figured it was okay to move (Pixies heal fast but not quite as fast as Fairies). I grabbed his hand and he hauled me to my feet.

"I was going to tell them anyway. Just... later on," I said.

"Do you think it is wise?" He raised an eyebrow. I sighed.

"Better for them to be prepared than going around ignorant with Pure Evil on the loose," I mumbled. Benjeman nodded.

"And a little outline to mine and Maz's own story," I added unwillingly.

"Good, I want to know what's going on," Middy spoke up.

"And I hate it when I don't understand a vision," Crystal said, "Speaking of, I really do need a vial."

"Maybe the teacher here would like to know what you're talking about in general," Orlando slipped in dryly as I tossed Crystal a vial from my bag (Somehow, none of them broke when I hit the ground).

"Mazany," the four of us said at once.

"And Shadow," Ben and I added, shuddering at the same time too. I was distracted again by Nature and frowned.

"Mazany, get your little Fire ass back to Night World Academy," I muttered, knowing he'd somehow hear. I spoke aloud so the others would know he'd run away.

No! I'm not safe! He's back, Zuri! You know what that means!

"Go. Back. Now." I growled.

No! He snarled.

"Fine then. I'll find you. And you know I will. More importantly, He will know I'm coming and I'm sure He's delighted at the prospect," I pulled away from Mazany and focused on the four staring at me.

"You hunt, then I'll talk," I suggested.

The End

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