2 weeks ago...

"Sir this report has just come in." The new kid came into my office with a worried face on him. He handed me a piece of paper and waited.

"Thank you, your name?" I asked taking the paper from him.

"Jackson sir." He replied.

"Thank you Jackson you can go now." I sat back in my chair looking over the paper. It was more reports of vampire slayers attacks, mostly badly injured, some not so, lucky. This was getting bad. More and more attacks were happening. I carried on looking down the paper, witches names were also on here. A knock at the door made me look up.

"Emily, have you seen this?" I asked as she came and sat in one of the sits in front of me. Emily was like my second in command, she was tall slender with long blonde wavy hair. She took a quick look and the report with her hazel eyes, shaking her head.

"There local attacks, not manly are out of the city. Except here." She point to where four attacks were hit the most. I didn't read where that was probably. "It's got to be a local gang."

"Wait that's near the academy. Crystal." I looked closely at the paper. Crystal my newly adopted daughter. I hadn't seen her in some time now, not since the summer.

"We have already informed the schools guards, its safe Lucas. Nothing going to touch her." Emily reassured me, lightly touching my hand.

"Thank you Emily." I smiled at her.

My phone rung waking me up, I grabbed it looking at the caller ID. Emily.

"Sorry to call, but do you know someone called a Mr Woods?" She asked, the name kind of tug my memory.

"What's his first name? Vampire, werewo"-

"Ricky Woods, human."

Crystal human blood father. I haven't spoke to him in months; far as he knew Crystal was aboard in some specialize school. He didn't know anything about her being a vampire. Not that he really cared; he had his own family with now.


"I'm here, I know him. He's Crystal real father." I replied.

"O' that's. Anyway the reason for calling, he's being attacked by a vampire. But even more serious, he was with the gang of vampire slayers. But they got away."

"Where is he?" I gasped out. Talking whiles getting some clothes on. Emily told me that he was getting treated for his injures at our medical centre, they were keeping him in for questions. I was driving in my car at full speed; the roads were clear at this time of night.

"Where is he?" I asked the fairly nurse, she led me to where he was handcuffed the bed. He was wake, his dark eyes locked with my own.

"Lucas, long time. So you going to play with my mind again?" How did he know that I tamper with his memory? He smiled guessing what I was thinking.

"Yer I know what you are, what you told me about what really happened to her." He was referring to Crystal.

My jaw set hard and my body tensed. "You do realise what you did. You and you friends have killed."

"So do you guys." He shot back. I really didn't like this guy. In a way he was right. Mostly we didn't kill when we fed. Some however did.

"Aren't you even going to ask how she is?" I asked seeing something flicker in his eyes, concern? Then it quicker vanished and the hatred returned.

"What my dear sweet bloodsucking darling daughter?" He spat at me. Anger flared in me, at vampire speed I shot over to the bed, hand griped around his throat.

"Don't." I warned showing my fangs showing that I was serious. He smiled darkly.

"Touched a nerve did I?" He amused. Raising an eyebrow.

"You never cared about her when she was young. You were probably glad when she reviled who she was. That I took her off your hands."

"I never called her my daughter. Catherine wouldn't get rid of it." I snarled at him. "Catherine wanted me to give her this."

"What?" I questioned.

"Pocket." I took my hand away and secured him. Then my hand came across a small box. It was a necklace. "She wants her to have it, her last request before she went into labour." His voice went at the end.

I turned and walked away still looking at the necklace.

"Wait." He called; I froze at the door one hand on the door handle. "Lucas."


"I'm going to be killed right. I understand that, I just want one thing."

"Which is?" He wasn't wrong he probably was going to die; most humans were who killed our kind did.

"I want to see her." He said quietly. I turned face him, all of the hate was gone.

"What?" I again gasped out.

"Crystal." Using her name for the first time. I was taken back, why would he want to see her?

"What makes you think that she would want to see you?" I questioned.  

"You have a point." He closed his eyes. "I know that you have adopted her Lucas. I'm glad that someone is keep giving her the love that I could not give her."

This was just getting weird now, but he genially looked honest. He did want to see her.

"I want to see Crystal." 

The End

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