I was alone again. Zuri and Midnight had left, but in a way that was good. Everyday Shadow became more 'there'. I tried not to sleep because I knew my dreams would be haunted by vision of him... of what I did, but eventually I drifted into a shadowed stalked dream. I was standing in a forest surrounded by trees, I could hear Corvina's voice taunting me... "What would they think? How can you not tell them? Your a monster? They hate you... They have left you... Midnight is scared of you." Someone was watching me but Corvina never stopped,

"Shut up!" I yelled. I woke covered in sweat and I was gasping for air, the symbol was glowing an angry red.

Bad dream? Now I wonder why that is. Could it be that you know that once I win- and I will win- that your friends and bloodsucking monster will leave you to be consumed by the dark. I got up slowly and walked towards the bathroom, ignoring Shadow's jabs. I turned the tap on a watched the water fall in a great rush into the sink. I saw my face in the water, my cheeks were hollow and my hair was stuck to my scalp. My eyes had grey rings under them and my skin was a sickly white.

I cupped the water in my hands, ignoring the stinging pain that the contact brought, and splashed it on my face. I gasped at the stinging sensation and grabbed a towel wiping the water off me. I glanced in the mirror above the sink but he was standing there, his features were becoming more clear.

Not long now. He laughed at me and I stormed out of the bathroom and walked towards the door, I stopped and turned back to the bed, I couldn't go out, what if Shadow gained control. I sat down and felt my tails flicker in annoyance.

A few minutes later I felt something change, I heard the door open and watched as a dark figure slipped into the room. I snarled and the figure froze in the process of closing the door,

"Get out Damien." I growled at him, my hand began to throb again.

"How? Time has been frozen" I laughed with no joy,

"You have no clue about how the workings of the elements do you? That's so... sad" I snarled. I was irritated and felt myself center all my anger towards Damien.

"Please go away Damien." I said again,

"No. Mazany something is up with you! Midnight came and asked me to keep an eye on you and Zuri was acting like she had just met the devil!"

I laughed out loud, "You have no idea how right you are Damien." I moved forward and frowned at him,

"Now. Go. Away." I saw him take a step back and I clenched my fist, No not now! I thought to myself.

"Mazany what is going on?!" Damien moved towards me but stopped when I snarled at him. Damn it not now! Shadow pushed me away and I watched as I felt lightning course through my body. Damien watched in disbelief as I raised my hand and lightning shot towards him,

No! I pushed Shadow away and watched in shock as a barrier of nature magic met the oncoming Lightning,

Ugh I hate that Bitch, she always get in the bloody way!

"Damien move!" He moved and I ran past. I worked my way down the corridor and ran out into the courtyard.

So your going to leave them with the witch then?

"I don't care anymore! I'm more of a danger to them!!" I snapped in irritation.

"Mazany! Wait!" I glanced toward Damien he was running towards me, I went out the school gates and darted towards the woods. I didn't stop running, Damien yelled at me but I didn't stop. I could feel the distance lengthen between me and Damien, I shifted into fox form and raced through the trees.

The End

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