Sleep came to pretty fast but it wasn't pleasant. Corvina hunted my dreams; her faces kept appearing from time to time. Then I was standing back in the trees, but only the boy was standing there. I kept shouting and always running. Then I saw Damien lying there covered in blood. I woke up with a thud, I rolled round to find that I was on the floor; the quilt was wrapped around me. Sweat made my hair stick to my face; the rest was tangled up in clump.

"Morning Crystal!" Midnight voice rung in my ears far too loud.

"I hate to point this out but you've got serious bad bed hair." Zuri called to me in a quieter voice

"Didn't you sleep well Crystal?" Benjamin voice suddenly chipped in. I looked up then to see all three of them sitting at one of the tables and chairs in the room.

"Erm." I coughed hearing my groggy voice. "I don't mean this to sound rude or anything Benjamin. But erm. What the hell are you doing here?"

"We needed to discuss the hunting trip. Well, the hunt I guess." He replied. "You look really ruff Crystal. Bad night?"

"Ugh! Tossing and turning all night." I grabbed my wash bag and clothes, feeling unsteady on my feet I walked past them. "Trying to get away, always there." I muttered. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I jumped.

"Crystal are you ok?" Midnight asked looking concern.

"Just erm. Yer I." My throat was sore; I was probably talking or rather shouting in my sleep.

"You're shacking. This isn't like you." 

She was right; a bang of a door outside made me jump and gasp. They were all looking at me. "I need to get ready." I wouldn't look at them; Corvina scar was tingling on my back.    

They were right I looked a mess, in addition to the bad hair day my eyes had bags under them. My eyes themselves were a light purple, I need to feed but not as urgent. I stripped off and started to run the water for a bath. I drive into the hot soapy water, closing my eyes forgetting my troubles for just a moment.

I got out and wrapped a big white towel around me. I got changed into my skinny black jeans, buttoned up my black and grey checked shirt. My hair looked better it was straight; I put it up in a pony tail. I managed to nab my boots and slipped out door without telling them. The early evening was just setting in; most of the other guessed were having dinner. I passed the dinning room and went outside. We had been told to stay indoors, but me being the schools ‘bad girl', I went for a walk around the grounds.

I was sat on a rock near the lake that was by the hotel, playing with my pendant on my necklace.

"You're not supposed to be out here Crystal." His voice came from behind me.

"Since when do I listen to the rules? Mr St James? You should know me better then that." I didn't bother to face him; I just carried on staring at the water. He laughed and came next to me, lost in his own thoughts.

"You missing her? Alzena." I randomly asked breaking the silence.

"Yes, I am actually miss seeing her." He answered. "Come on the others are waiting for you."

"Are they? Yer we better go and hunt." I replied getting off the rock and walking with Orlando.

"You missing Damien?" Orlando suddenly asked, taking me by surprise.

"Erm, I. Getting personal are we Orlando? And do we knew where were going yet?" I changed the subject thinking about Damien it brought back horrible memories. That's two times now that I've dreamt about him covered in blood.

"Yer, they all ready to go. Did you just call me Orlando? You never call me that." I just shrugged and carried on walking to the hotel.

"It's about time Crystal." Benjamin told me as I came down the hallway. My eyes spotted Zuri. I wonder if I should tell her about what I saw with Mazany.

"Hey Zuri have you brought any. Erm. Vials with you, I've got a killer headache."

"Yer. Sure thing Crystal." She said, I took her arm and took her into our room. "Crystal what do you really want?" She asked soon as I shut the door. Wow she was good.

"I need to speck with you about Mazany." Her face dropped she recovered but something was their in her eyes.

"What about Mazany?" She asked locking eyes with me.

"There's something going on with him isn't there? Something big." I had to be careful on how I put this. "Something dark and evil, it's in him." I could see the change in her face again; she pulled us  further away from the door  by the window.


"Did you see him? In you visions, what was it?" Her grip was tight on my arm, she was worried and scared.

"Your right. But it was like I was a ghost, I saw his wrist. It was bleeding, also it was like he talking to himself. He couldn't see me. But I heard this, dark laugher and so did he. Then I saw something in his eyes."

"What?" She gasped out, shaking too.

"It was. Behind his eyes, I could see something dark and evil, that shouldn't belong there."

Zuri closed her eyes and sighed. "Have you told anyone else? Midnight?"

"No only you." She just nodded. "You know don't you? It's happened before." Again she nodded. "Zuri I need to know, Midnig"-

"No. It's not safe. Especially for her."

 "Zuri please, you got to tell me whatever it is." I pleaded with her, Zuri finally looked at me, and her face was full of pain, lost and something else that I couldn't pick up on.            

The End

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