When go to our room I looked in my bag and took out my staff and attached it to the top of my leg. The two girls looked at my confused I rolled my eyes. I took my staff and pressed the button so that is was the full length.

"Erm Zuri throw that cushion in the air" I said kindly and she grabbed a pillow of the bed and threw it in the air. Just as she did that I spun around just as I came all the way round, I pressed it the bar started to buzz as it hit the pillow .Elctricity passed threw it and fried the pillow.

I stood up made it shrink and clicked it back to its holster and pulling my skirt down.  I looked at the faces and they seemed shocked but quickly gained controll. I smiled at them. "Just in case they some how followed us. I want to make sure I can protect with my power my power and something to back up" I said patting were the staff was.

Crystal put her hand on my arm "Middy were both here to help if they do come back besides theres been more cases of pure bloods dying than any other creature round about now" My eyes went wide that means Benejem and I were the ones they were targetting the most.

"Benejem is a high blood vampire midnight he could kill them in an instant" Zuri said trying to soothe me, but I couldnt calm down. but I smiled at them.

"ok lets go to sleep and well talk about hunting tomorow" we all agreed and went to bed. I coudnt sleep I lay in bed thinking about how was I going to protect them vampire hunters with stakes not very orgional.Not deadly but left to bleed to death that was.

As soon and crystals breathing evened out Zuri and I got up and dressed. Zuri closed her eyes. "There down the corridor" she said when she opened her eyes. We walked down the corridor in silence until I spoke.

"Zuri, do you think they will come back" I said finnally letting my fear show, before I was just to confused to let it show I didnt want people to worry about me.

"I dont know Middy but theres not need to be scared, I mean Benjemen has a soft spot for you" she said grinning and elbowing me.

I went red and eyes went wide and gasped, he couldnt have feelings for could he? "I dont know what you are talking about Zuri" I said looking away while she just laughed at my reaction.

Before I could knock the door was open. I looked up to see Benejemslaing in the door frame. His hair was damp and was going wavy, his shirt the three buttons at the top werent done up, and he ware his black pants. I blushed.

Before I could do anything, Benjemens arms were around me. I hadnt realised I was shaking."Midnight its ok, were all safe here I forgot to tell you this place is protected by my guards theres no way they can harm you here" He whispered in my ear. I dont know why but I clung to his shirt. "Zuri was right Middy I do have a soft spot for you so dont do anythin reckless do you hear me" I he pulled away slightly and I nodded, I pulled away from him.

"Zuri needs to talk to you about something imporatant" I said hardly looking at him.

"Ok come in to my room and we will talk" I looked at Zuri eyes wide, but she just shrugged and walked in. there was two sofas. Zuri sat down. I sat next to her, Benejem sat on the one facing.

Zuri cleared her throat so attention was drawn to here "well somethings up with Mazany and its happened before but I cant remeber what it is I was wondering We talk about it" Zuri looked at me and Benejem nodded.

He came and kneeled next to me, he put his hand under my chin and made me look into his eyes. I felt an tired and I knew it was him.

I tried to stand up but I nealy fell but he caught me in his arms. My spiched was swirled. "Youll pay for this Benjii..." I closed my eyes giving up fighting. He lay me on his bed. The last thing I head was his low chuckle "I know Middy I know" and with that I fell into a deep sleep. Dreaming on a certian fox that I seemed to growing attached to.

The End

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