Me and Orlando where leading the group on our ‘little outing'. In other words, we were leading a pack of hungry predators into the game park, and it was open season. The thought made me smile, I never really felt like a vampire sometimes. Yes, I drank blood. Yes I had fangs. Yes I moved like a lioness when I was fighting. But in all honestly, I never actually bite into anyone. Well human, that is. It was strange, but then again everything was. I was thinking about Lucas when we were in my room.

Earlier that day.

"Wow that dress really suites you. You draw every guy to you." Lucas comment looking over my dress, the dress was black strapless, just above my knee and had a sliver ribbon going across the waist. Then of course my heels and my black luggage bag for the weekend.

"Shouldn't you say something fatherly to me? Like, ‘you're not going out dressed like that?' You know." I told him gesturing my hand down to the dress. We both smiled at each other.

"Should I? Hmm. No, even if you are my daughter. Now at listed." He winked and grabbed my bag. Lucas had adopted me he shown me the paper work earlier. I couldn't believe it. Crystal Strom Daggerson. I wanted to keep my mothers last name in memory of her.

He walked me to Midnight door and hugged me tightly. "I still need to speck with you. But it will have to wait until you get back."

"Ok. What are you going to do while I'm ‘away'." I asked making finger movements for the word ‘away'. He smiled and replied.

"I need to see a few people, but I'll be here when you get back. But I must tell you this." He suddenly looked serious his dark green eyes locked with my own. "You got to be careful Crystal. I mean it. I was going to keep this from you but...They are vampire slayers."

"What?" I gasped out, this wasn't good. "How do you know?"

"We're being getting reports about a upraise in attacks. Purebloods mostly but also..."

"Black blood child." I said under my breath, Lucas of course heard me. But he let it pass, probably bring it up later. "Is they anyway in telling who they are?"

"It's hard. So please just be careful, don't go off on your own if you can help it." 


"The hotel just a head, we can cut though the trees." Orlando suddenly announced to our group. I turned to face Orlando who was standing next to me.

"The trees?" The others agreed with him and they headed off in that direction. I stood where I was watching them go. Benjamin was suddenly at my side.

"What's wrong Crystal?" He asked. I couldn't answer him my senses went into over drive. The moon was shining down on us, but shadows lucked in the trees. A mixture of senses came to me and that's when I noticed that it was quite a little too quite.

"Crystal?" Benjamin promoted, he touched my hand. When, suddenly my vision changed. I felt myself fall on him and he called my name, but I couldn't do anything except see the vision in front of me.

"Excellent, five blood suckers sighted the boss is going to love this."

"Good work, I knew that I could rely on you guy's."

"There going into the trees. We got to be quick, catch them off guard."

"I don't know, I think that we"-

"Shut up!"

The four men went and hid in the trees ready to leap.

"Crystal, what is it?" Benjamin voice and body came into focus.

"Vampire slayers. Hiding in the trees. There going to attack us!" I shrug his arm off. "Four men, in the trees we have to go and warn them." I ran towards trees with Benjamin right behind me. That's when we heard someone scream.

There were more then four men in front of us, and one of them had Zuri by the throat.

"Get your hands of her!" Orlando snarled at him. The man smiled and gestured for them to take out there wooden stakes. How original I thought. Wood as it happened wouldn't actually kill us, well not directly.

 Orlando and Benjamin pulled out there own weapon, it looked sword but I couldn't be sure. Two men went straight for them, but Orlando and Benjamin were faster. Two of the other men went for us, Midnight seen them moved her hand in front of her, making the two men flying into the trees. Midnight smiled to her self.

"Wow, Midnight nice work." I told her, she was about to comment back when someone jumped on her back. She snarled and managed to flip her self back up. Zuri eyes were closed, but her lips were moving. Then I couldn't see her, the man screamed out in pain, waving his arms in the air. Zuri suddenly appeared next to me. I turned to say something to her when suddenly I fell on the floor. Someone was on top off me, growling I struggled to get free, he wasn't very good at this I thought as I kicked him hard. The man, well boy, scrambled to his feet. Benjamin was no-where to be seen as I looked round, Midnight had disappeared.

"Orlando, have you seen Benjamin or Midnight?" I called to him; he was just finishing off his attacker, knocking him out.

"Benjamin, he ran after two of them, I thought Midnight was with you?" He replied with a worried look on his face. Benjamin suddenly appeared though the trees.

"Have you seen Midnight?" Zuri asked him. Before he spoke I heard her growl in the brushes and the laugh of man. But where abouts? I closed my eyes to help me focus. Then in my head, I could see her two men were facing her, stakes at the ready. It was the boy from before and the man who had Zuri.

I ran off the others following me, I picked up her scent. She was using her power, it flowed around her body making her wavy blue hair fly around her, her blue dress moved like waves.

"Back off!" She snarled, showing fangs like the vampire she really was. The boy looked like he wanted to run, in a way I felt sorry for him. Midnight didn't wait to hear a reply, she made her power go around the men sending them into the air and falling hard onto the ground.

"This isn't over!" The man shouted as he and the boy ran off, hiding again in the shadows.   

We were all silent of a moment, and then it hit us of what really just happened.

"O'my god Midnight!" I shouted running over to her. "Are you ok?"

"I used my power!" She was soo happy, bouncing up and down.

"Are you ok Zuri?" I asked as she came and joined us.

"Yes, thank you Crystal." She looked straight in my eyes.

"For what?" I asked

"Saving me. If you hadn't have come when you did, I don't know what would have happened." Zuri explained.

"But, you did something to the nature didn't you? Besides, we're friends right?"

She looked a little taken back, but smiled. "Of course we are." I smiled and we join the others.

We did eventually make it to the hotel; we signed in and got our room keys.

"Right girls." Benjamin began as went up to our rooms. "if anything happens call us straight away, you got our numbers, we should hear you anyway." I looked at Orlando and smiled. He half smiled back to me. Yep we defiantly had each others numbers, after out threatening texting. Both girls seen our exchange and had puzzled looks.

"Night lads." I called to them as we shut the door. We all looked at each other. Me, Midnight and now Zuri. Wow things really had changed.  






The End

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