It was strange after everything that has happened I finally was letting people close to me. I was packing my bag taking a few things with me for journey ahead. When there was a knock at the door. I looked at Zuri she smiled and stood up to awnser the door. While I went into the bathrom to collect a few things.

"Is Midnight there Zuri I wanted to make sure she was ready the Vampires are going to go hunt" I heard Crystal say.

"yes she is" I heard Zuri reply I walked out of the bathroom and smiled at Crystal, she ran over to me and hugged me I was taken back a bit a little shocked but hugged her back.

"Middy I dont know how I will ever repay you" she said holing me close to her.

"Well I know how let me breathe and all the depts paid" She let go of me and smiled weakly. "Yes Im nearly ready, but I have two surprises. One is well Zuri is joining us on the trip" I said simply Crystals eyes went wide but I carried on speaking before she could comment. "And two is your birthday present with what happened on the actual I didnt think it was the right time" She grinned at me.

We walked into the kitchen and gave her a pink long thin parcel, she looked at me confused but opened it. There lay a cream Paracel embroided with the cresent moon.

"Its a Paracel as you can see, but well its enchanted so if you go out in the sun with this up the sun wont weaken you. I know you have always wished to go out in the sun. So heres your chance.

A tear slid down her cheek and hugged me close to her "Midnight you dont know how happy I am" she whispered in my ear.

After I had changed into a dark blue dress and went out a little at me knees, around my neck I worse a black silk choker haning down the the crsent moon. Showing to any one who understood I was a Pureblood vampire. I also had my own  black Paracel ebroided with electric blue cresent moons.

The three us walked outside and spotted Orlando and Benjeman stood near a tree. The looked our way. Benjeman lips twiched as he saw what I was wearing and Olrando just kept a straight face.

Zuri and Crystal went and stood by the the side of them and I stood on a bench, I crossed my arms an looked at them all.

"Listen up vampires and Pixie" I said and smiled at Zuri "We are going out to feed rember that to satify out thirst not to mess around, You must be back to the hotel before sunrise. No killing people, no destroying anythin. And you clean up after your-selfs we dont want people finding we exist got it" They all nodded in agreement.

"We have two new people joining us this Time Benjeman a high Pureblood known as the Prince of darkness. Also Zuri a pureblood pixie. She is joining as she is interested of being a prefect so I am showing her what it is like. Those two will be staying with me. Do I make my-self clear"

They all nodded I jumped of the table Benjeman was by my side offering my his arm, I would of pushed him away but knowing Zuri needed to talk to him. I linked his arm and smiled at him,

"Well lets be off then" Orlando finally said we walked out fo the school grounds. Zuri stood infront of me with Crstal and Orlando at the front of the group.

I whispered "Nature please send Zure a message please" the wind swirled a little letting me know it was agreeing "Tell her she owes me big time" with in the secand Zuri stood by my side and giggled.

"I know Middy I know" we both chimed in laughter as everyone else looked at us inconfusion that made me laugh evan more. now this was going to be an expirance I will never forget.

The End

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