She was awake. And dressed. I knocked lightly on the door to alert her to my presence and she turned to smile at me. I grinned back.
"I got your note," she said, "I have prefect duties now."
"I need to talk to you so you won't murder me if I join you?" I joked. Midnight rolled her eyes and shook her head. I smiled sunnily at her.
I waited patiently for her to double check everything then together we headed out.

"I hope we won't get into trouble because you're out with me," Midnight said.
"Well we could either say I'm interested in being a prefect and you offered to show me how it's done or you can look like you're talking to yourself," I grinned.
"What?" Midnight asked confused. I remembered that probably only Maz, Crystal and possibly Damien knew my invisibility power. In answer I allowed my power to ripple through me and laughed when Midnight gasped. When she recovered some of her composure she smiled at me.
"Nice but I think I prefer option one," she said.
"As you wish," I giggled and became visible again. We began to walk again.

"Don't Pixies have wings?" Midnight asked suddenly. I tensed slightly but tried to appear relaxed as I nodded. "So how come I've never seen yours?" she added.
"I had to pay a debt," I whispered, "The debt has ended but I feel unworthy of my Pixie wings after having hidden them for many years. I guess it's habit to keep them invisible."
"How could you not be worthy?" Midnight muttered then pleaded with me, "Can I see them?" I bit my lip then nodded. I revealed my small, glittering, indigo wings. Midnight gasped and reached out to touch them. "May I?" Midnight said before touching them. I nodded again and she stroked them. She dropped her hand and smiled at me.
"They're really soft," Midnight said simply. I giggled.

"I know," I told her, "Please may we talk now? It's not me that's important right now but Mazany."
"Oh, sorry," Midnight apologised, "What do you want to know?"
"What did you talk to your father about?" Midnight looked uneasy and confused. She didn't know how this related to Maz. The answer was I didn't know yet I was seeing if it could be.
"He wants to have an outing for all the vampire students," Midnight informed me. I frowned.
"Who's going in addition to the students?"
"Orlando and Benjeman."
"Are you going?" Midnight nodded. "And Crystal?"
"I'd assume so."
"But Damien is staying?" Again she nodded. "To do prefect duties?" I guessed. Another nod. "Do you think he'll do me a favour?" I mused out loud. Midnight grinned.
"Yes, you saved his sweetheart," Midnight laughed and I giggled too. "What's the favour?" Middy asked once we'd sobered some.
"To keep an eye on Mazany for us," I stared straight ahead.
"Couldn't you do that?" Midnight frowned. Then she looked at my face and realised. She shook her head furiously, "No! No way! You are not coming with us vampires."
"I have to," I snapped. I instantly felt bad for being so abrupt with Middy. "Sorry, Midnight, but I need to talk to Benjeman ASAP."
"He probably won't talk to you," Midnight warned.
"True," I agreed, "But he would if you were there." Midnight groaned and I supressed a smile. "Again, sorry, Middy," I apologised, "Come on, let's find Damien."

Since Midnight knew all the prefect duties we found him pretty quick. I had my invisibilty on so no one would see me walking beside Midnight as she strode over to Damien. He looked surprised to see her walking towards him.

"Hey, Damien," Midnight greeted him, "Come with me to an empty classroom. I need to talk to you about prefect duties while I'm away." Damien looked confused but followed Midnight to the nearest empty room. As soon as all three of us were inside I covered the window to the door and closed the door, locking it. I spun around to see Damien gaping. I dropped my invisibility. He glanced at Midnight.

"I'm guessing this isn't about prefect duties while you're away?" he muttered.

"It's all about prefect duties while she's away," I said. I moved closer to him. "Damien, I need your help," I told him, "Something bad has happened. No wait! That's the biggest understatement of the millennium. My point is Mazany is at the centre of it all. If you could focus your prefect duties on him that'd be a great help."

"Why?" Damien asked. Midnight was listening quietly.

"Because while we're away, Mazany might do things that are... out of the ordinary for him. If that happens I want you to contact me immediately. Understand?" After a long moment he nodded. "Thank you," I breathed in relief. Midnight and I were just about to leave when Damien blurted out.
"How do I contact you?" I turned to look at him.
"Oh, I'm sorry," I said instantly, "Just ask Nature to send your message to me. If you ask nicely then you'll have no problems." I giggled at his expression and Midnight, too, was trying hard not to laugh. Then the two of us walked out to prepare for our little trip.

The End

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