Waking up in Damien's arms around me felt a little strange, but in a good way. I felt protected and safe, like nothing could touch me. I could feel his warm breath against the skin on my neck, his heart beat thumping lightly in his muscle chest. His rich scent lingered around my body. I moved my fingers in his, Damien fingers tangled in my own, telling me that he was awake too. I felt his lips against my hair, going down to my neck, then hesitating on my shoulders. Then his lips cease my scars on my shoulders, all the way across. His hand lifted my right wrist; his finger traced my scars on my wrist.

"How did you get these bite marks?" Damien whispered, in my ear. I sighed quietly then I explained to him.

"Lucas, he's a pureblood vampire. When I born I was only a half blood vampire, the blood didn't affect me, until I went for a girl's blood." I stopped wondering if I should tell him. He waited for me to carry on. "My father sent me to this specializes clinic. That's where Lucas found me; he took me out of there, with out telling anyone. He told me that he could turn me in to a fully fledged vampire."

"Do you know how he did it?" He asked. I turned to face him looking into those beautiful eyes of his.    

"No. I'm not sure if I want to know." I replied to him.    

Damien went shortly after to do his perfect duties of patrolling the school. I got dressed in my uniform, just as I was doing my bow I remembered Lucas un- opened present. When I opened the lid I almost dropped the box, there on black velvet was the necklace from my dream. The long golden thin chain necklace. With the pendant that was sapphire gem heat shape stone and had tiny diamonds surrounding it.

"O'my god". I said to myself holding the necklace in my hand. I put the necklace around my neck, hiding it under my shirt. The pendant fell just above my chest, and felt light as feather.

As I put my high heel shoes on I noticed a note that had fallen from the box.

Crystal, this was your mother's necklace. I found it when I went to your father's house. It was addressed to you. I have some urgent news to tell you. I will be seeing you very soon. Lucas x

I couldn't focus on my lessons; all I could think about was the note from Lucas.

"Has anyone seen Mazany today?" One of my teachers asked us. It was then when I realised that I hadn't seen Maz all day. Where was he? After class I walked around trying to find him. But I couldn't find him anywhere, in fact I could find anyone. Midnight was no-where to be seen, neither was Zuri. This is when I needed Damien power to track her down. I went along the corridor in search for him. His scent suddenly became stronger, it then when I knew where I was. The music room.

I froze by the door, I could here Damien play. I couldn't bring myself to go in. I didn't even want to go in. I turned and walked quickly in the opposite direction, straight into some one.     

"Sorry." We both said at the same time. I looked to see Alzena brushing her uniform back into place.

"Sorry Alzena I didn't' see you, I was well erm..." I trailed off at the end.

"It's ok Crystal." She told me smiling. I picked her books up for her.

"How are you?" I suddenly asked, she looked surprised by my question.

"Erm. I'm fine, just loading down with school work. You?" She answered.

"Things are a little mad at the moment. But things are ok. Thanks." I relied. My body started to tingle and I knew that it was coming. "Alzena, I've erm. Got to go. Sorry."

I left her to it, hurrying to an empty classroom. I braced my hands against the table. I could feel my power becoming stronger, I had to control it. My vision flickered, I could see different images all mixed together.

I could see Midnight on her bed, with Zuri comforting her. Tears fell from her eyes. Zuri face was different; she looked very deep in thought. Whatever she was thinking about, it didn't look good. Then my powers grow sending vision into reality, like before when I seen Midnight feed off Benjamin. But I was in Mazany room. I felt like a ghost standing their watching him on the floor, I could smell his blood. I was able to walk closer to him then I seen the symbol on his wrist it was bleeding.

 I gasped seeing the pain that it was causing him. How did that happen? What does it mean? Who could of? Then I knew that answer as soon as I thought about it. Corvina. She seemed to be controlling everyone. But Mazany symbol was different to mine. Mazany went to his bathroom, letting the water run over his wrist. Mazany lifted his head up to the mirror his face angered.

"Damn it!" He shouted to the mirror. At first I thought that he seen me, then I looked around but I couldn't see anything. Then I heard a evil dark laugher that made Mazany tens up. But I still couldn't see anything, Mazany turned round and headed to his bed. I went over to him, I looked at him more closely.

Something was seriously wrong. His hands were coving his eyes, blocking everything out.

"Why? Why now why?" He muttered to himself over and over. Then he moved his hands reviling his eyes. I could see something. Something dark and evil lucked there. I gasped going to touch his hand, but like a ghost I simply went though him. Mazany face looked confused as I drifted away from him.

I was back in the classroom, trying to control my breathing. Did he see me? I touched him, but did he feel it? The questions kept buzzing around my head, I went outside. Midnight wasn't going to be doing her portal around the school tonight, not in her state. I'll do it for her, it was the list I could do for her. As I walked along the wall, my nose caught a scent that recognized instantly. I crouched ready to lung at the scent.

Then it came into view, dressed black with short blonde curly hair. Power just rolled off him. Head of the vampire secret service Lucas Daggerson. I lunged at him baring my shape teeth, snarling as I went. He growled back, crouching forwards awaiting my attack. I crashed into him, knocking us both to the ground. He flipped me over, pinning me to the ground, his canines looking more like shape pointy fangs, edging to my throat.

Instead of biting me, his lips kissed my throat. He chuckled against my neck.

"You learnt well Crystal."

"I had a good teacher." We both smiled at each other, and then laughed. Lucas helped me up. He opened his arms out to me, I jumped in hugging him close, breathing in his scent.

"I missed you." I whispered in his ear, a tear escaped my eye.

"I missed you too, Crystal."    

The End

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