"Mazany? It's Midnight, I'm coming in ok? I really need to talk to you." I heard the door open and smelt the sweet smell of Midnight's scent. I moaned to my self, Should I say hi? I want to meet your blood sucking monster.

"Shut up... shut up." I muttered to myself, grabbing a handful of bedding, trying to keep control. The mark on my arm began to pulsate painfully. I heard Midnight move across the room and felt the bed dip when she sat on it. The symbol began to throb a red hot pain,

"Go away." I managed to say, I knew it hurt Midnight but if she didn't go she was going to get hurt much worse.

"I'm sorry Mazany but I am not going anywhere, I can stay here all day you know?" I clenched my eyes close, trying not to moan in pain. I felt Shadow rising to the surface, I couldn't keep him out. He pushed me away and I was back in the observation box, NO!  I tried to struggle but the symbol pulsated harder and it felt like I was collapsing on the floor in agony.

I dimly heard something said by Midnight about me being the only person who cared for her, and about me being her guardian. I then heard Shadows booming voice in my head and out loud,

"Oh! So when you want something, Milady," Shadow was taunting her with 'Milady', "You finally accept I am your Guardian?" Well that was what you were thinking. Shadow taunted in my mind and I realized that I was back in control, the symbol was a dull throbbing. I looked up at Midnight at said,

"I'm sorry Milady. I didn't mean that are you...?" I didn't know why Shadow was back and I hated it, Midnight wrapped her arms around me. I felt my body tense, Why did she hug me after I said that? Shadow chuckled in my mind, Ahh young love. I felt Midnight begin to cry, Aww look what you've done to the poor Bitch. I wonder if she'd rather have my company.

"She's not a Bitch, leave her alone. She's not your's, I'm her Guardian" I muttered, Yeah, your such a great Guardian with the master of all evil living within you. I was about the snarl when Midnight whispered,

"Mazany, what's up with you?" She sounded curious and I looked at her shocked, I un tangled myself from her and got up. The mark was burning so badly,

"Midnight, I think it's time you left." Midnight didn't reply and then said,

"But Mazany, I-" I spun round, cutting her off, and yelled,

"I SAID GET OUT MIDNIGHT!" Midnight ran out of the room, she was scared of me. Midnight was scared of me. I knew Zuri was waiting outside and I didn't care. I fell to the floor out my knees and clutched my wrist, tears fell down from the pain and I lifted the bandage to see it glowing red, blood was flowing from the symbol.

"Damn it!" I couldn't stay here, I was too much of a danger to my friends. I tried to move but Shadow spoken in my head, But if you leave... who's going to protect them from the witch? I hit my head on the floor, "Damn it!" Shadow laughed at my pain and I felt the hopelessness of what was happening.

"Damn it!!" I shouted hitting the floor with my injured arm, I watched as the wound open and pain shot through my arm. I sat there gasping in pain until it resided, I grabbed a bandage from the bedside table and re wrapped my arm, it had nearly healed but the wounds had opened again. I went to the sink and washed off the blood, both from the wound and the symbol. The red tinted water slowly went down the plug hole, I glanced up at the replaced mirror and saw Him standing behind me as a fuzzy shadow.

"Damn it!"

The End

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