It was last lesson and the teacher droined on about the history of the faires. I would have Normally foind it really interesting but I couldnt concerntrate all that was spinning round in my head was the deal I made with Zuri.

Last night

Zurie had lead me back to my room and I sat on my bed crying while she sat next to me accepting I needed to let this out. After a while I looked up to her "Zuri I need him and I know there is something wrong I dont know what to do" I broke down into tears again.

Thies time she wrapped her arms around me "Its ok Midnight we will found out what is going on, tomorow we will go see Mazany and if we stay longer enough he will let you in" I nodded and hugged her back.

"Zuri you are such a good friend" she froze in my arms and I pulled away to look at her "Oh erm did I do something wrong" I tilted my head looking at her confused.

She giggled at me "Dont be silly Midnight I just.. I dont normally get called a friend I can see why Mazany likes you" she said grinning I blushed and looked down. Mazany liked me and I was drawn to him he was there when things went wrong no-one else was for me.


I heard someone knock on the class room door.  I looked up and saw one of the sudants. Oh god please not for please not for me.

"Midnight has been called to the Headmasters office" I stood up and packed my bag I head many people ooooo and giggle I rolled my eyes. If they really knew what went on in this school at times, they would be running home in fear.

I walked down the long corridor came to a large wooden door that was my Farthers Office. I knocked onto the door I head my farther Booming voice "Come in" I entered. The room was dimly lit with Candels My farther was sat at his desk.   sat on the chairs was. Benjemen and Corniva. I knock came from beind I turned around to see Orlando slip in I rolled my eyes. Great all the people I would rather not see.

Orlando and I walked to to desk. Corniva stood up "Midnight" she smiled but it looked like she smelt someting bad. I glared at her. She cackled "My havnt you grown, she went to hug me I closed my eyes and pushed her away with my Powers and she went flying across the room.

"Oh Im sorry I cant control my powers" I said pouting at her pretanding to look sad I heard Benjeman and Orlando laugh. She ran towards me.

"You Bitch" she was about to slap me but Benjeman was next to her holding the her wrist as I flinched away.

"Enough" was all my farther had to say and everyone sat back down "I have called you all here as well Vampires have to feed at one point to all vampire studants are going on an outing. Orlando you are in charge. Because Benjeman is there and Midnight they will do as they are told. You will be going in two days" I nodded relived I didnt need to ask him.

"Farther if that is all I will be on my way" He nodded so I stood up and walked out of the room and sighed in relief. The I remebered where I had to be I cursed to my-self I ran to Mazanys room and saw Zuri sat against the door and she looked at me.

"You took your time" She looked slightly stresed and worried at the same time I smiled wearily at her.

"sorry My Farthers head of the school and he needed to speack with me" I she did was nod I went to the door and knocked Mazany, Mazany it MIidnight Im coming in ok  really need to talk to you" The was wan no awsner so i opened the door.

I walked in I lookes aroind the room and noticed Mazany was lying on his bednot facing memuttering to him-self. I went and sat on his bed. "Go away" Mazany said in a strict tone. this hurt me but I wasnt going.

"Im sorry Mazany but I am bot going anywhere I can stay here all day you" he didnt awnser me. I sighed and hugged my Knees. "Mazany I need you no-one else cares about me. Your My gaurdian"

He spun roun to look at me "Oh so when you want something Milady you finally accept I am your Gaurdian" he snarled at me I gasped and moved slighty away from him. His eyes seemed to be hazed over. For some reason I knew this wasnt Mazany talking.

"Im sorry Milady I didnt mean that are you ?" He looked worried and confused. I hugged him close I didnt care what he said but I needed to hug him. he sat there shocked but then pulled me close to him. I began to cry, I was overwhelmed lately with what was going on I couldnt control my-self.

I heard him whisper "hes not a bitch leaver alone shes not yours Im her Guardian" I pulled away looking into his eyes. they were still hazed over with some sort of blackness that wasnt there before.

"Mazany whats up with yours" I sound in a curious tone. he looked back at me shocked then stood up facing away.

"Midnight I think its time you left" I stood staring at him completely shocked why was he pushing me away.

"But Mazany I-" He cut me off before I could finish off what I said

"I SAID GET OUT MIDNIGHT" He spun round and screamed at me. I ran out of his room scared and hurt. Zuri ran after me.

"Hey Midnight wait" She grabbed hold of my arms, and I nodded and calmed down a little.

"There something Different about his eyes they were all hazed over in some sort of black smoke I dont know what it is Zuri but I know its somthing bad" Her eyes went wide, the tried to comper her-self.

"Its nothing to worry about Midnight I think you should go and rest" I nodded I knew she was hoding something but I didnt wat to push her away. Not now when I knew she knew something about Mazany

The End

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