Midnight got up to leave the room, and I went into the kitchen to see what food she had. I head Crystal call after her "O' prefect Midnight." I stood still in the kitchen no intrested in what she had to say. "Is it ok to have a boy in my room? Just a little while. He won't admit it but, he needs me. I know it's late, but he is a prefect too?"  I stood shocked how did she know this when I couldnt admit it to my-self.

"Very well Miss Strom, but no messing around you hear?" I heard Midnight reply I laughed, what kind of fooling around did she mean. Pictures apeard in my mind that made me grin like a cheasure cat. Could I really be falling for her

I heard her laughin to her-self, I walked out of the Kitchen. "You sound Bette" I said  making her turn round. She was wearing Black Netted shorts and vest top that hugged her curves and complimented her pale skin. I couldnt help but Mrvel over her body. I shook my head trying to distract my-self "Erm. The, vial. The one from, Zuri."

"It's here Damien, everything ok?" she asked jokily taking the vial from the side, next to Lucas box was still there unopened. "I don't know if I should take it, what's in it anyway?"

"Mazany said just to trust her. They seem really close." I said trying to reasure her everythings ok.

"Yer they do a lot of history I guess." She replied and the next thing shocked me. "God, I'm starving."

"What? Even after Midnight blood. Your eyes have gone back to midnight blue, unless-" I said rushing over my words.

"I meant for foooooood! Not blood." she told me brushing her hair.

"I think you need some sleep. But, if that's what you want." I sighed. "What would you like?"

"If you get me something to eat, will you tell me why you let me drink your blood?" She looking me in the eyes

"Fine, only if you promise to take the vial and get some sleep." I said grinning back

"Ok, you tell me first. Strawberries and pancakes. Please Angelo." she asked,I grinned that she called me Angel in italian.

"Oh pet names now but come on the Pancakes and Stawberries it is" I said grinning

we walked into the Kitchen "I'll get you in the Ingrediants " she said blushing and walking past me, she opened the cuboard and leant up to get but could reached I walked behind and grabbed the flower. She gasped at how close we were. I pu the ingrediants on the side and placed my hand on either side of her.

She had turned around in my and looked up at me I breathed in her smell it was sweet like flowers, I leant down and kissed her gently on her lips, grazing her bottome lip with my teeth.

"I pulled away slightly but our lips still brushed together "Still hungry?" I said quietly She noodded and I moved away looking around for the ringht things. As I was cooking the pancakes Crystal cleared her throut and I turned slightly.

"So are you going to tell me why you let me feed off you or not" she said grinning but I knew she was being serious. I sighed and placed the pancakes into a dish and put next to the bowl with stawberries.

Crystal jumped at the sighn of food and looked like a little child, she put a fork full of pancakes in her mouth and her eys went wide.

"I didnt know you could cook this is wondeful" she said inbetween mouth full of food.

I smiled, well do you really think Midnight could feed her-self" I sighed and ran a hand threw my hair "I let you feed off my blood, I knew it would help you I didnt want you to be weakened and I guess I can realate with. You know a fallen angel were not the most loved creature as we were once pure" I said trailing off at the end.

She nodded but didnt comment guessing this was a touchy subject for me, I watched her she ate. She always used to put on this act of being a strong vampire who would stand up to anyone. But I knew her for who she really was, a vunurable little girl that never got a Mother she always wanted.

Once she had finnished eating, I carried to her to her bed and lay her down I picked up the vial and"Come on Crystalyou need to drink it" I said pleading her.

She groaned and took out of my hands "Fine fine" she said she opened it and heasitated before tipping in to her mouth. She lay down I could she was getting drowy and gripped onto my hands.

"Dont leave me she said before falling into a deep sleep. I kissed her forhead and lay down behind her pulling her close to me.

"I wont Crystal, Im not going any where" I whispered into her ear"



The End

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