"Crystal what's wrong" Midnight came rushing in panicking; she sat beside me holding my hands. My deep pink thirsty eyes locked with hers.

Damien spoke the guilt was just pouring out of him. It was killing me, he didn't need this. I was soo wrong for him. "She needs blood, fresh blood Midnight. But not even mine will help her she's going" Midnight cut him off.

"You dare say it, because I know its against school rules, but well she's gonna feed off me" Damien moved off the bed and stood back, eyes fixed on us. Wait, what is she doing? Midnight she not surly she's. I looked over to Damien with a puzzled look. Pleading with him to make her stop.  

Then she leaned over me, undoing her white blouse and bow slightly. Making her neck more exposed, her dark blue hair was pulled away over one shoulder. "It's ok Crystal; you know this is going to help." She told me, she was right. Midnight was a pure blood vampire, there blood was powerful. My hands went to her neck bring her closer to me. Breathing in her scent, I could smell the strange scent again. It must be Benjamin blood. I could feel teeth becoming sharper then ever before, my canines becoming more fang like. I light snarl came up my dry throat. My teeth sunk into her neck, her blood flowed winningly. I could feel my body becoming stronger making me, I flipped her holding her down with my knee. I heard myself making noises almost like purring.

The burning sensations was slowly going from my scar, Corvina filled my head. Still feeling the knife against my skin, her voice in my head. My emotions were so strong, the strongest ever. Midnight blood was powerful and so was the connection. It got me thinking, what would my blood be like for her? I could feel Midnight weakening under me, I had to stop she tried to push me. Then I felt strong arms around my waist, pulling me off her before I could lick her wound clean.

 "Crystal that is enough". Damien spoke to me sitting me on the bed. He was healing the bite mark. Where my mouth had been, my sharp teeth. I looked away shamefully licking my lips.

   "I'm sorry Midnight, I know how you like to stick by the rules" Realisation hit me then, tears suddenly came down my face." Now I'm going to be punished again". My hands were trying to stop the tears, put they kept coming down. My scar burned slightly in memory.   Damien arms suddenly wrapped around my trembling body and cradled me against his chest.

"Everything ok Crystal, shh don't you worry about anything." Damien whispered to me. Midnight came and sat next to me taking my free hand. 

    "Hey its ok hush, no-ones going to hurt you ok. I will make sure any one whoever tried will answer to me got it, Also I think a field trip is needed." Midnight took deep breathe. "I guess I have drunk from him, I might as well start to feed properly. I'll organise us to go to some gothic club, there always willing to feed" The tears finally stopped. That would mean we could get out of the place. The town was near by, just a short drive in a car, I her hugged closer to me.

 "Thank you Middy, it means a lot to me. Goth clubs are fun, the feeling of them makes you feel alive" Midnight smiled at me, but was clearly unsure about her idea. To be fair I wasn't too frilled, but it would be easier. Midnight hugged me and said she had to go. I nodded to her.

"O' prefect Midnight." I called to her as she was leaving. She turned and smiled.

"Is it ok to have a boy in my room? Just a little while. He won't admit it but, he needs me. I know it's late, but he is a prefect too?" I asked her. Damien was in the kitchen. She smiled and said.

"Very well Miss Strom, but no messing around you hear?" She winked at me and left closing the door behind her. I could feel that sun rise was close, I changed into some shorts and a vest top, noticing that they were silk, black and netted. Hmm, what I wouldn't give to be in his head when he sees me. Good thing I didn't put my nightly on that would be fun. I laughed to myself blocking my thoughts worrying about what he would see.

"You sound better." I heard him say, I looked behind me. He could help but look over my body. "Erm. The, vial. The one from, Zuri."

"It's here Damien, everything ok?" I asked jokily taking the vial from the side, next to Lucas box was still there unopened. "I don't know if I should take it, what's in it anyway?"

"Mazany said just to trust her. They seem really close." Damien said.

"Yer they do a lot of history I guess." I replied then I shocked him. "God, I'm starving."

"What? Even after Midnight blood. Your eyes have gone back to midnight blue, unless-

"I meant for foooooood! Not blood." I told him brushing my hair.

"I think you need some sleep. But, if that's what you want." He sighed. "What would you like?"

"If you get me something to eat, will you tell me why you let me drink your blood?" I asked him looking him in the eye.

"Fine, only if you promise to take the vial and get some sleep."

"Ok, you tell me first. Strawberries and pancakes. Please Angelo." I asked, I realised then that I called him angel in Italian.




The End

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