Watching as Midnight appeared in front of me I saw a sort of urgency in her eye, she told me to leave and so I left but I followed behind them. They began to head toward the boy's dorm and stopped outside a door. I stood around the corner and watched as the seemed to discuss something they left a few minuets later. Turning to follow them I saw the door open out of the corner of my eye and the Fire Fox Demon who I had encountered earlier stumbled out.

The Demon laughed to himself and said, "I guess you're watching Midnight?"

I contained my surprise that he knew I was there and stepped calmly around the corner. I was shocked to see that the Demon who had looked so powerful before now stood leaning against the wall with sweat glistering on his forehead.

"You want to protect her right? You don't want her to die?" I nodded and watched as he stumbled up right, he walked towards me and when we were level he whispered,

"Keep her away from me. She may die if she keeps seeing me..." He turned round to go back to his room but I grabbed his shoulder.

"If you DARE do anything to hurt Midnight I will rip you to shreds!" I spat at him my eyes glowing a demonic red.

"I wish you'd kill me now but I know you won't... no one will kill me. So instead just keep her away from me! Tell her anything just don't let her see me..." I couldn't speak. Why would a creature want to die so badly? I flexed my hand and knew that I could do it right now... I could kill him.

"Do it." He said seeing me flex my hand, I looked up at him. He looked so desperate but he was right I couldn't kill him... not without reason.

"You can't can you? Not even when you blood sucking monsters kill thousand just for their blood." That made me snap, I grabbed him round the next and flung him against the wall. I was inches from his neck but then I stopped myself,

"You did that on purpose?" I said puzzled, "You don't think that..."

"Just kill me!" I shook my head and let him go, I turned to leave but paused.

"I'll keep Midnight away from you... I'll protect her and if we do meet in battle don't you dare think that I won't kill you if I have to." I left the Fire Fox standing in the empty corridor and set out to keep an eye on Midnight.

After school the next day

"Hey! Benjeman! The principle wants to see you" I looked at the creature that was standing in front of me and nodded my head sharply. I turned back to look at Midnight and almost thought about not going but I had to,

Please Midnight... Don't do anything stupid.

The End

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