Midnight appeared out of nowhere. I caught a frantic look in her eyes before landing between me and Benjeman. She spoke to him as I let her presence sooth me. I would be eternally grateful to her for this.

I saw Benjeman bow to Midnight and disappear. As soon as he was out of sight, she sank to the ground and her eyes became a dull red. She looked like she needed blood or something. Despite her outward weakness she smiled at me.

"Thank you, Prefect, you helped me there; I was going to rip his head off," I admitted and let my gratitude saturate my voice.

"Call me Midnight," she insisted, "And, well, you did look annoyed, but he does need to be shown where he belongs though." We both burst out laughing. I hadn't felt such a friendship with anyone but Maz. Speaking of... where was he? I thought he'd be with Midnight.

As if hearing my thoughts, Midnight's gaze flickered around us before finally settling on me.

"My school is changing," she told me, "Evil has entered it and I don't think I can defeat it by myself. There is something wrong with Mazany, will you come and see him with me?" she pleaded. My reaction was lighting fast. I straightened and grabbed her hand. If Maz was in trouble then...

"What are we waiting for?" I asked alarmed and we began to run to the boy's dormitories.

Midnight seemed to be thinking hard about something as we neared his room. It was frustrating to go at her pace but I wasn't going to leave her behind. We skidded to a stop outside his room and I could instantly sense something was wrong; just like Midnight had told me.

What really got me was there was something familiar about it but I couldn't remember what. It was like a distant dream... or memory...

Midnight looked at me inquisitively when I frowned in puzzlement.

"Not good," I muttered, "I can't remember what it is though. It's bad, really bad." It was annoying. It was like I couldn't remember because I didn't want to. I'd made myself forget; but it still lingered vaguely like a haunting nightmare.

Alarmed by my words, Midnight hammered on the door.

"Mazany! Mazany, get out here now!" Midnight demanded. There was a silence. "Mazany? If you don't come out, we'll come in!"

"No one's getting in," I murmured and Midnight stared at me, waiting for an explanation, "Mazany has certain... skills that makes it almost impossible to get in. We'd just come straight back out. It used to be a joke between us; we'd call it Pixie Proofing because I'd always find a way in places unless he used this particular... skill to get some peace from me." I raised my voice, "So what is it you're hiding from me Maz?"

"Go away, Zuri," it was almost a growl. Midnight had worry etched on her face. I gestured for her to put an ear to the door to see if we could hear something.

"She's not a bitch!" He was hissing at apparently no one. There was a pause, "And she's not a monster!" Alarm bells were really ringing now. Mazany was - seemingly - talking to himself. Someone we couldn't hear was tormenting him. This was all horribly familiar. I was racking my brains trying to think.

"Mazany, please!" Midnight begged, "Please, I need you!" Mazany didn't reply. "Please! Just speak to me!" The silence continued. I wondered if he'd even heard her. Tears streamed down Middy's face. I hugged her tight. I felt just as bad but I needed to focus right now.

"Mazany, you can't keep anything hidden from us for long," I called through the door then I began to pull Midnight away. We'd do no good standing outside pointlessly. We'd need everyone to get this one solved. First, Middy needed her strength. I led her to her room and sat her on the bed. Tears continued to fall so I simply sat next to her and hugged her.

"What is it, Zuri?" Middy whispered. I met her gaze.

"I don't know but I swear, I will remember, Midnight. For you and for Maz, I'll remember all that I wanted to forget."

The End

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