I walked down the hall on my way to my farthers office I heard someone called my name, I started to panic thinking it was Benjeman no please I cant face him now. I heard heavy footsteps behind me so I ran faster.I was shoved into a wall I winced slightly at the pain I looked my I looked up meeting Orlandos steely eyes which were filled with worry,"Midnight why did you run off from me?" He asked sounding confused. I wrigled and he let go of me.

"Because I thought you were Benjeman ok and I dont want to talk to you" I stated holding my head high and walking down the corridor but he grabbed my arm.

"Midnight wait why wont you talk to me" he sounded slightly annoyed by what I said because.

"Because Mr I can get away with everything, You are sleeping with Azlena dont deny it becuse I can smell her all over you" I wrinkled my noise in digust "SHE A STUDANT and you fed off her yet when Crystal fed off Damien she got punished. And you your Molerstoring-" I was cut off Orlando had slapped me acroos my cheek and it sent me flying to the floor.

I stared up at him in shock tear welling in my eyes "MIDNIGHT who do you think you are telling what I am" tears fell down my cheek and I could my cheek was going red where he had just hit me.

"Midnightt Im sorry I didnt mean to" he leant down and offered his hand to help me up I coward away from him.

"You get away with everything here sir, just stay away from me and my friends or they will be a price to pay" I said glaring at him I let my powers grow so he could feel them and understood what I meant I could destroy his world in secands

I got up and wiped my eyes leaving following me, he was like the rest no-one cared really it was his job to.

I heard some growl and shout "She's not a monster!" I turned the cornor to see Mazany he but no-one was with him how strange ?

"Who's not?" he turned round, I smiled up at him"Where did you go? I was worried that something had happened. Hey Mazany is everything ok?" He wouldnt meet my gaze and made me worry more

"Uh, I just felt a bit dizzy." he said quietly. I looked at me puzzled and Ithen noticed his arms,

"Oh My God! What happened Mazany? Are you ok?" I reached out a hand to touch him but he flinched and back away slowly, it hurt me deep down to see him do this

"I'm sorry... I don't feel well. I think I'm going to go to bed." he turned and left leaving me standing alone in the hall. Why was he doing this something inside me began to hurt again he was my Gaurdian I thought he would understand.

For some reason I was drawn to go outside something was calling a gush of wind came and circled me in the wond I smelt Zuri she needed help and Benjeman. I ran out of the school as fast as I could I looked over the wall and was them both glaring at each other. I jumped over the wall and landed in between them both.

I was crouched in between them my hair swiling around me and eyes glowing red. "Well what a nice surprise Benji, so I interupted lets just say Natured called me" I stood up smiling at Zuri who looked realived for me coming

"Now Im sorry Benji but its time you return to your dorm" I said stepping infront of Zuri taking out my weapon and putting up acroos my body ready to protect Zuri"

He bowed to me and walked off to the building once he disapeared I sank to the floor and let my eyes go back to the normal red, not glowing and smiled weakily at her.

"Thank you Prefect you helped me there I was going to rip his head off" she said sounding realived and sat infront of me

"call me Midnight and well you did looked annoyed, but he does need to be shown where he belongs though" We both sat laughing.

I quickly and looked around then back at her " My school is changing evil has entered and I dont think I can deafeat it by my-self, there is something wrong with Mazanywill you come and see him with me" I pleading her, she shot up next to grabbing my hand.

"Whta are we waiting for" she said sounding alarmed as we ran heading for the boys dorms.

Mum if your listening please help Mazany he means a lot to me, I need him now and I have feeling one day he might need me.

The End

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