I saw Zuri leave out of the corner of my eye but I was more worried about Midnight, I turned my attention back to what was happening in front of me. I felt something tug at the back of my mind but I ignored it and frowned, I suddenly felt dizzy. I over balanced and had to take a step back, I turned around the corner and fell against the wall trying to stop the swirling mass in front of me.

When the dizziness stopped I was no longer sitting in the corridor, I realized someone had forcefully put me into a set dream state. I was now in a dream.

I looked around me, the whole place had a purple tinge to it and the grass was an orange colour. There was no moon or sun and the trees reached out like hands of the damned trying to claim a body of their own.

"A witches dream" I muttered to myself instantly smelling Corvina, I looked up and there she was standing in front of me. I growled, tensing my muscles ready to rip her throat out, I felt my tails brush against something and I glanced behind me to see a swirling mass of darkness.

Miss me? I couldn't move, I couldn't say anything, I was frozen to the spot. He wasn't meant to be here, he couldn't be here! Corvina chuckled behind me, I spun round,

"What do you  want?" I snarled, my whole body shaking from fear,

Do I not get a hello then? Shadow said in my mind,

"Get. Out. Of. My. Head!" I bit at each word, Corvina smile widened.

"So I was right. Your hiding something big from everyone. I wonder what the others said." I froze, she gave me a look and laughed.

"You haven't told them have you? You must have told Midnight?" I didn't say anything, I was paralyzed.

"You haven't told Midnight? Who else knows? That Pixie friend of yours" She paused, "Oh wait! The Pixie thought that he, or is it Shadow? Was gone from your essence but you knew right? Sure he couldn't control you or even talk in your mind but his presence was still in you."

So is that Bitch of a Pixie still alive? Shadow said, I growled and ignored him, watching the witches every move.

"I wonder what the others would say if I told them who you really are? Or more importantly... what."

She wouldn't... she couldn't tell them!!

"You can't!" I yelled, I charged at her but she just flicked her wrist and I was thrown backwards. I fell into my human form and she came over to me, she waved her hand and muttered something under her breath. I felt my body being pulled up wards and I was now floating in the air, a few inches above the ground, unable to move.

"I can! But..." She mused, "I think I will leave you with a gift." She smiled coldly and again whispered something under her breath, a red hot pain ran through my arm and I yelled in pain. I looked down at my still throbbing arm and saw a symbol burnt in to my flesh, it was a spiral with a line through it, just below my wrist on the underside of my arm.

I could feel Shadow in me, I could feel him in me again. He was a part of me again, he was in my mind!

"No! No!" I yelled trying to lash out at the witch who stood calmly in front of me.

"Just a gift. Let's see what happens"

I was back in the corridor, maybe it didn't happen. I got up slowly clutching my head, I put a hand on the wall and glanced round the corner. It was like I hadn't left, please let it have been a dream.

Sorry boy but it wasn't a dream. I'm back. I swear he was smiling at me, I gasped to myself and took my hand away from my head, looking at it. The symbol was still there, glaring at me and starting my nightmare all over again.

Damien looked up and glanced my way, I turned back round the corner and stumbled back to my room. I felt numb inside, I knew he was still there  but at least he couldn't do anything but that witch had brought him back. My thoughts were no longer my own and neither were my dreams.

I locked the door behind me and walked over to the bathroom, Shadow was still in my mind, taunting me. I leaned down heavily on the basin and looked up at the mirror. He was there, a hazy shadow standing just behind my right shoulder,

Just like old times right? Remember what you did?  I tried to stop it but I couldn't, screaming faces came back to me, crying at the pain I caused them. I cried out and hit the mirror, glass shattered beneath my fist, tearing my hand and arm. Blood dripped down from the cuts and my arm fell to my side, numb with pain. I sat down on the floor and stared at nothing, faces filled my minds eye, faces that screamed at me in hate. The faces if the creatures I had killed,

"No... I'm sorry... please no" I sobbed to myself, drawing myself into a tight ball, tears falling down my face. My arm was useless, I couldn't feel it and it just sat limply. After a while I got up and went to the nurses office, I avoided my friends, I couldn't face them, they couldn't find out.

I didn't say anything as the nurse scolded me and removed the glass from my arm, the pain soon came back in rolling waves of agony but nothing could get rid of the the dull throb in my arm from where the symbol was burnt into my flesh. The nurse wrapped a bandage around my arm and told me not to move it or use it otherwise the bleeding would start again and I may cause the nerves to become permanently damaged. She wanted me to stay in the ward but I said no, saying that I wanted to go clean up the glass. She gave me a worried look as I left the ward. I grabbed another bandage from the shelf and wrapped it around my other arm to cover up the symbol.

Who's Midnight then? A blood sucking monster? I froze and growled,

"She's not a monster!"

"Who's not?" I turned round, Midnight was looking up at me smiling. I looked away, the symbol throbbed harder,

"Where did you go? I was worried that something had happened. Hey Mazany is everything ok?" I couldn't look at her,

She's pretty. Bad things can happen to pretty girls don't you agree? I caught my breath,

"Uh, I just felt a bit dizzy." I said quietly. Midnight looked at me puzzled and noticed my arms,

"Oh My God! What happened Mazany? Are you ok?" She reached out a hand to touch me but I flinched and back away slowly.

"I'm sorry... I don't feel well. I think I'm going to go to bed." I turned and left leaving Midnight standing alone in the hall. I didn't go to lessons the next day, I didn't see anyone.

The End

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