It took every ounce of my control not to turn around and go punch that Benjeman in the face. Hundreds of possibilities ran through my mind of what I could do. It didn't matter to me how big or bad he was. Everyone seemed afraid of him but that didn't deter me either. I was muttering muderous things quickly and quietly.

I was so distracted that I barely noticed the others conversation. I didn't notice Crystal and Damien's arrival or Crystal taking Midnight's blood. I slipped away because I needed to calm down so badly. I didn't like feeling so... furious. That's not how Pixies work and whenever I lost my temper... I shudder not wanting to think about it.

I walked outside and headed for a lone tree. I easily hoisted myself up into the branches and hid in the leaves trying to calm down. It began to rain. This was good. It was like Nature was trying to help me to relax.

I could tell from Midnight's face, when I was muttering, that she thought I couldn't defeat Benjeman. She had no idea what I was capable of when I lost it. I tended not to use all my powers, in fact I pretended I didn't have them, but if using them was what it took to help her then I would - even if it was against Mr. Powerful Benjeman, although I'd wager it was an even match.

As if called by my thoughts, Benjeman appeared out of nowhere. I suppressed a hiss and the urge to drop from the tree and attack him. By hurting someone as kind, caring and gentle as Midnight he would've just made me annoyed and want to just slap him, leaving it at that,  but 'cause Maz was her Guardian then hurting her hurt him which made me twice as mad and want to... not quite kill him but nearly.

I glared at him before shutting my eyes and taking a deep breath. I dropped from the tree and began to stalk away.

"Zuri Brook, isn't it?" I heard him call. I froze. I'd forgotten to put up my invisibility in my haste to get away. I spun to face him.

"Just Zuri," I called back coolly. Don't push me, I begged silently, Please don't push me.

"Little Rainbow, right?" he smiled and I glared back.

"How do you know that?" I snapped. He shrugged so I tried a different one, "What do you want?"

"Just curious," he answered, "Zuri the Little Rainbow. Daughter of a Pixie Council member and Ice's little sis-" I cut him off as I snarled. He was pushing me to the edge. I took in another deep breath and began to back away slowly.

"Don't. Mention. That. Name. In. Front. Of. Me. Ever. Again." I all but growled at him, "And she wasn't my sister. She wasn't related to me in any way." Maz, I need you! I need you to give me the strength to leave! I knew it was useless, he'd be focused on Midnight now and I doubted he'd let her out of his sight for a while.

Nature, let anyone help me. Let anyone come and stop me because I'm gonna snap any second and then I'll be hip deep in alligators.

Anyone come stop me.

The End

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