We walked round the corner I was still in Mazanys arms, I thought about what had happened it sent a shudder down my spine. Mazany tightened to him self to reasure me. Zuri was mumbling to her-self about how much she wanted to go back and do nasty things to Benjeman. Though she couldnt win he was too strong lots of people fear him.

Orlando came speeding down the hall "Midnight" He called Mazany spun round and crouched slightly holind mge closer to his body in a protective stance, and growled and Orlando.

"Its ok Mazany its only a teacher not Benjeman" I head Zuri speack soothingly to him. I wriggled in his arms and he understood what I wanted and set me down onto the floor where I kneeled infront of him looking at Orlando.

"Midnight something happened didnt it" I nodded looking down at my arms as the wrapped round my body and began rocking slightly.

"He.. he came and took me away from my friends and he made me a monter again I didnt want to" I sobbed I couldnt speak any more and Mazany finnished off for me.

He came put his hand on my shoulder "Midnight look at me you are not a monster but what he did was wrong but we cannot get him in trouble because..."

"Because of his status isnt it" Crystal said coming said walking down the hall, I wiped my eyes standing up and took a deep dreathe. I swayed slightly and Mazany helped me stand still.

" Yes it is, and well for some reason he likes to make me feel like a monster I said I would never drink from creatures because you are not just food to me your my friends and family" I said quietly and began walking to the coridor.

I didnt want to be a monster thats what he have always been seen as yes I am different. I carried on thinking about what people thought of me as I walked into Crystals room. I gasped and ran over to her she looked awful so pale she was drained of blood.

"Crystal whats wrong" I said paniking I sat beside her holding she locked onto my eyes.

Damien spoke and you could tell he felt guilty"She needs blood fresh blood Midnight but not even mine will help her shes going" I cut himoff.

"You dare say it because I know its against school rules but well shes gonna feed off me" He moved out of the way understanding this we needed space.

I leaned over her undooing my blouse and bow slightly so she could see my neck and my hair. "Its ok Crystal you know this is going to help.

She put her hands and my neck and brought me closer I felt her breath on my neck which made me shudder. Her hangs sinked in I gasped and she gulped deeply. her strength grew and she flipped me over and kneelled over me still drinking. our connection was so strong her emotion were strong memories of hers flooded to me of what Corniva did to her.

It was begining to weaken me I tried to ush her off me but it wouldnt work I began to get weaker. but someone pulled her off me "Crystal that is enough it was Damien he put his hand on my neck and healed it" I sat up and looked over to Damien as he put Crystal on her knee.

"Im sorry Midnight I know how you like to stick by the rules" Her eyes went wide and began to cry "No Im going to be punished again" she sobbed Damien wrapped his roind her and cradeled her against her.

"Hey its ok hush no-ones going to hurt you ok I will make sure any one whoe tried will awnser to me got it, Also I think a field trip is needed." I took deeo breathe "I guess I have drunk from him I might as well start to feed propely Ill organise us to go to some gothic club there always willing to feed" Her eyes lit up and hugged me close.

"Thank you Middy it means a lot to me Goth clubs are fun the feeling of them makes you feel alive" I smiled weakly at her. She was right but I didnt want to admit I was slightly excited at least Id be away from school....

The End

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