"Where's Midnight?" Zuri suddenly asked the guys. I glanced up then from my tight ball. Midnight she was just there behind the door, I heard her shouting my name. Damien and Mazany were just looking at each other clearly thinking how to tell us.

"Oh, you idiots!" She chided them, "What happened? You know what, never mind. Maz, which way?" Zuri demanded then Mazany took Zuri arm a they ran down the corridor in search for Midnight. Well talk about doing a good deed of the day Zuri. A very small grin went across my facing thinking about that.

"Where's Midnight then because wasn't see just here?" I asked in a quite voice. Damien looked at me with those eyes, they seemed to look straight though me.

"I think you should take that vial that Zuri gave you. You look well"-

"Like crap yer I can work that out for myself and don't avoid my question Damien. Where's Midnight?" Cutting him off.

"Benjamin here." He told me

"Benjamin? As in Benjamin the high pure blood and pretty much is charge of all vampires. And is also Lucas boss." I gasped out. Benjamin was the most well he was like the prince of darkness; you just didn't really cross him. Although I wouldn't have a clue what he looks like I if ever did come across him.

"Yer that's great guy." Damien replied with a hint of venom in his words.

"Get on well then." I joked

"He not my most favourite guy him and Midnight just don't like it. And where are you going?" He grabbed my arm as I tried to make my way to the open door.

"Midnight. I owe her anyway. She didn't have to come here." I tried moving my arm away from his grip but it was useless. It was hurting anyway; he was holding me right where Sebastian held me.

"Mazany and Zuri are already on the case, just come and lie down you look exhausted." He genteelly pulled me down to my bed.

"Why Damien? Why did you do it?" I wondered out loud.

"Do what? Crystal what is it. Hey Crystal what's wrong with your eyes, Crystal"-

" Angelo.Shh" I spoke not really listening to Damien my mind was else where. All kept thinking about was Midnight and this Benjamin. Using all my senses to find them, it took a lot; I never used my power like this before. Usually I just get the odd visions; I never went looking for things.

Suddenly everything changed. I let my senses go to the max opening up a whole new level of my powers. My ears could hear voices arguing something was happening. My nose was picking up a unfamiliar scent, at first I thought I was Midnight's but it was different. Different to Damien's but not as good. Another noise caught my attention I couldn't figure it out. Then I could see what was going on, even though I was vulgarly aware that I was still in my room with Damien sat next to me. I could see it so clearly though my eyes.

It was Midnight, she was lying on a bed or rather pinned would be the word. Someone was holding her down, with broad shoulder and muscle body had good grip on her. I almost screamed but I held it in, looking closely at the scene. Then I did gasp. Midnight was feeding off him. His wrist was in her mouth and she was taking blood from him. He scent was overpowering, some blood was dripping down his arm.

  "Middy that's enough now, stop." He told her she quickly snapped out of it curling up in a ball.

Ok so how do I get back to seeing things normally? Then I heard a voice in my head, soft and gentle.

Think about where you were, picture yourself sat on your bed, and close your eyes Crystal...

I followed the instructions closing my eyes and picturing myself in my room. I felt strange and weak with lack of blood in my system.

"You need blood Crystal, can you hear me?" Damien voice asked, he put his arm around me steadying me.

"Your right, but..."

"But what?" His voice growing more worried.

"I've lost too much blood; I need fresh warm blood to build my strength up. And no not even yours. Needs to be stronger. And I need it fast." I looked in my hand, the vile just waiting to be used. "Don't you dare, cut yourself Damien!" I could see him thinking it though, my scar practically burned on my back making me gasp out in pain.


"Just get. Me some. Blood. It will pass. Stronger blood. Ahh. Grr. Quick!" I shouted though gritted teeth. "Wait. You still haven't. Ahh. Answered my. Question."

"I really don't think now the time let me just"-

"Damien!" I snapped. This question was playing on my mind ever since my lips touched his blood. "Why"? I looked at him pleading with him to answer me.  


The End

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