He took me to his room well what used to be the Head dorms room but he left and Damien took the role but refused to take the room. He shut the door behind him and I thought I felt people watching.

"YOU PUT ME DOWN" I screamed at him still kicking him, knowing it wouldnt hurt. He thre me on his bed and looked into my eyes. I knew he could see the blood lust in them, the lust I have been trying to ignore.

"Midnight you should drink blood you know, not just the stuff out of cans it isnt good for you. Your getting weak again" He put his hand on the side of my cheek, so I couldnt look away I had never seen this side of him before.

"I am not a monster like you I refuse to drink living blood, and only drink when I have to" I spat him I didnt want to be a monster I wanted to make my mother proud. I knew I was getting weak but I didnt want to admit it.

He shook his head "Im sorry Middy I know your not a monster it is the only way for us to survive, I cant let go get weak Im sorry but I can. Our blood Middy is the most powerful just take a sip of mine you will be ok"

I stared at him and started crawling backwards shaking me head and only stopped because I hit the head of the bed "No Benjii no I can't do I promised,no-one ever let me feed off them, not Orlando nor Damien" Before I knew what was happening I was pinned to the bed.

I gasped and looked up at Benjeman, his fangs grew longer and sunk into his wrist he brought it to my lips "Drink Middy please just this once before it heals" His voice was soothing. He looked so worried so I brought my lips warily to his wrist and gulped deeply. His blood was sweet, thick and warm naturally warm, I knew I began making a sound that was like puring. I brought his wrist closer to my lips. It was the best thing I had ever tasted.

"Middy thats enough now, stop" When I heard his voice I snapped away from and cried, I curled up into a ball. Why did he make me do this, yes his blood was delicious. But I didnt want to be connected to that guy.

"Middy its ok he stroked my hair" I didnt want this, this wasnt right I hated him. I pushed him away with my powers.   I sat curled up in the middle of the bed.

"What do you want Bengemen why cant you just leave me alone" I sobbed He came and sat near me but not too close.

"Were destened Midnight this has been cosen by our parents"  he said to me in a serious tone that he always used when he came to the truth.

"Dont say that ever" He went to put his arm on me When Zuri and Mazany apperaed either side of me, Mazany pushed his and away and growled at him.

"DON'T EVER UPSET MILADY" Mazany screamed at Benjeman and he just stared at him. I put my hand gently on his arm pleading him with my eyes that we could just go. He nodded understanding and lifted me up in his arms.

I would have normally wriggled and told to put me down but I was to afraid of what Benjeman would do to me.

We walked to the door and stopped Zuri turned around and shot a glare at Benjeman "I suggest you leave us along from now on Mazany is Midnights Gaurdian so whoever upsets her, well they will have him to awnser too ans well for me" She smiled but wasnt a sweet smile it was evil.

"Well He's my best friend so who upsets him has to awnser to me, oh yeah Have a nice night"

with that we walked out of the room I clung to Mazany still crying and we walked in silence

The End

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