I was shocked when Crystal hugged me but glad she clearly wasn't mad at me for hitting her. She pulled away before I did. From her face my scent was affecting her.

"It's OK Crystal," Damien assured her; concern saturating his voice. Crystal didn't respond. She just curled up again looking lost and pitiful. I put and hand on her shoulder and squeezed. I glanced up at Damien.

"Damien, her hand," I murmured. He looked at me confused. "It needs healing," I clarified, "I could do it but it'll heal quicker if you use your powers." Comprehension filtered through his concern. As he moved towards Crystal I leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"It's OK, Crystal." She jerked her head slightly in aknowledgement. I gently took her bleeding hand. I extracted the glass shards and then Damien healed the cut. I reached into my bag and pulled out one of my vials. I put it into Crystal's newly healed hand. She looked at it confused.

"It's to help you sleep," I explained. She nodded, telling me without words that she'd take it although she appeared reluctant.

"You'll get used to Zuri's bizarre little vials," Mazany spoke for the first time, "They're like little bottles of miracles." I shot him a quick smile. I put my hand on Crystal's forehead briefly then headed over to Maz's side.

"Good job," I whispered.

"You too," he replied equally quiet. I glanced around. Damien was there staring at Crystal. Crystal was still in a ball staring at the floor, clutching my vial. There was something wrong... I glanced at the still open door. There was no one there. Then I managed to pinpoint what was wrong.

"Where's Midnight?" I asked Damien and Mazany. They glanced at each other then at me then at the doorway. Crystal glanced up, alarmed at the tense silence. Maz looked aghast as did Damien. After a long moment Maz swore.

"Oh, you idiots!" I chided them, "What happened? You know what, never mind. Maz, which way?" He looked at my face and then grabbed my arm as we ran. I used my invisibilty to cloak both of us and he used his sense of smell to find her.

Wow, what an eventful day I was having.

The End

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