All I wanted to do was sleep, curl up and forget about the drama and pain. But I was finding it quite difficult. All I could hear though the door were voices they sounded bad, scared, concern. I couldn't and didn't want to open my eyes.

"Crystal please, just talk, anything. Look just knock the door something." Damien voice was full of pain. I didn't want to respond to him either of them. I did however manage to get up and walk away from the door. I was standing in the mini kitchen looking at the glass in the sink. I edged closer to the shape looking pieces of glass.

 One bottle was still dripping blood; I picked it up feeling the cold glass. Blood trickled down the glass into the sink. I ran my fingers around the glass. It would be so easy, take away the pain that I was feeling. I'm stupid little girl who needed to be taught a lesson, that's what dad used to say to me. I should never have done it, but It was just too good. Being that close to someone even though my guard wasn't fully down. I was still holding back, not showing how I really feel. Which is what? The glass so sharp, so deadly, so easy.

"No! Crystal don't you dare. No!" Damien shouted bagging on my door trying to get in.

"What is it?" I heard Mazany ask Damien.

"I've just head her thoughts." Damien said bagging again at my door.

Dammit that fallen angle and his powers! I growled in response, my anger flowed around me. I hated that he was looking into my head. How dare he!  I clenched my fists forgetting for a moment about the glass in my hand. I screamed out at first. Looking at my bloody glass hand. My blood flowed from me and so did some of the pain in my head. A small smile crept over my lips. Just a little cut. I thought quietly to myself weather Damien heard or not didn't matter; I had another piece ready in my hands.

"STOP!" A voice shouted. Something flashed around me taking me by surprise next thing I knew I was on the floor.

"What the?" I gasped out looking a Zuri by the sink. She had a bag in her hand and was taking the glass out of the sink. I stood up hissing at her. How the hell did she get in? She quickly removed the bag and turned to face me. I couldn't read her face. Something along the lines of hurt, worried, angry, annoyed all at the same time. "You being here the whole time?"

"Someone had to keep a eye on you. What the hell were you thinking? Do you even realise how many people actually care for you? You were going to throw it all away." Her face was hard and her words even harder.

"Then hit me. Go on like it would really make a different to how I really feel. I don't care anymore just"-

Then she did hit me right across my face. Shutting me up I gasped touching to stop were her hand had being. I looked at her shocked; she was rubbing her sore hand.

"Sorry but it was the only way to." She shrugged her shoulders. The door finally opened and Damien and Mazany came in.

That's when it finally hit me. The look on their faces. Guilt washed over me. I gasped looking at my bloody hands. What did I do? I looked back at Zuri she slowly came closer to me holding her hand out. I took it pulled her closer to me and hugged her. We fell to the floor still holding each other a new wave of tears came from my eyes. I broke away smelling her scent her blood warm in her vines.

"It's ok Crystal." Damien words were filled with concern. I couldn't look at him instead I curled up again looking down. I felt for the first time in my life vulnerable, weak, and defenceless. Very much like a little girl who felt alone and lost.      

The End

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