I was walking toward the head masters office when Damien passed me, he looked angry and hurt. I flinched at the feelings as they were so strong and over whelming. I guess I wasnt the only slightly annoyed pesorn in school today.

I grabbed his arms expecttin to be flung into a wall but this time he pulled me into a hug I gasoed in surprise and then hugged him back "Hey Damien its ok everything will be fine" I said soothingly into his ear.

He held me tighter too him it hurt but I ignored the pain "Its not thought Midnight its not Im not there with her and she hurt that black witch hurt her" I knew instantly who he was talking about Corvina. She turned up on the seen when my mother died.

"What did she do to her" My voice was coating an extra amount venam. I hated her she tried to replace my mum tampered with my memory now I can remeber how my mother died and Ill never forgive her for that.

"she cut a pentragram in her back and left her to bleed to death in her room, it was my fault I made her drink my blood it was the only way to help her. I should have been punished" He started shaking tears threatningt to spill over.

"Ok Damien we are going to tak to farther shes been keeping things from usand I would really like to know why. Do you know Benjamen is coming to the school?" I said my voice growing quieter.

"Ow!" heard someone yelped in surprise I looked at who it was Mazany. Damiend chuckled and let go of me and stood bwinhd him. Mazany turned to me and bowed.


He turned to Damien and said,

"Sir" He raised an eyebrow and I rolled my eyes,

"You have to come with me now!" hequickly before turning round and running smack bang into an open door, "Oh come on!" he yelled. I edged my way around the door cautiously and took off on a run.

"Wait! Mazany, what's up?" he stopped and turned around, trying not to let my impatience show.

"I'm sorry Milady I don't have time to explain!" Damien furrowed his brow at him and gasped, he grabbed Midnight's wrist, which caused Mazany  to growl at him.

"Come on Mid! It's about Crystal" Istared at him in shock Crystal needed us I nodded and allwed Damien to pick me up and run after Mazany

"Come on!" he yelled again before running down the corridor.

Mazany shifted into his fox form because. it was the most amazing thing I had ever was he was huge nearly my hieght his bright red and orange fur made him look like a flame. Damien put me down and ran past Mazany and knocked on Crystal's door, she cried out,

"Crystal! Crystal speak to me!" my voice was full of concern. I needed to see her.

A muffled voice came back, "Please Midnight, go. I don't want to see anyone."

Damien took a stepped towards the door and yelled,"Crystal, it's me, Damien! It's OK! Crystal?" I heard the pain behind his words it made me want to hug him but I help back.

Crystal didn't reply. Mazany stepped forward and said,"Hey Crystal! It's me! Mazany! I still owe you, you know?" Her voice came back through the door quietly,

"Wha- What do you mean?" I Mazany to himself and I saw Damien glare at him.

"You know? For the were-wolf thing? I promise I'll get that witch back!"

"No. Don't you'll only get hurt again!"I gasped and whispered,

"You got hurt?!" I just shrugged my shoulders and said loud enough for Crystal to hear.

"It was nothing really! Crystal! I haven't been here that long but you're my friend and I owe my friend and debt. And these two here really care about you and are worrying their bloody heads off! They want to help you, I mean I haven't had that many friends but isn't that what their meant to do?"

I heard an evil chuckle come from beinh us I swiled around. and I saw him he had changed over the years. she was tall about anch taller than Damien, broad shoulders muscelar body, Deep brown eyes shoulder length messy hair. it was Benjamen.

I took out me weapon and stood infront of my friends and I hissed "what do you want Beneman?" I hissed at him. he put his hands up to show he came in peace.

"Im sorry Midnight I startled you I went looking for you thats all" he grinned evily I was drown to him but shook my head No he was evil he walked forward and put hus hand on stick it was going crazy shooting out sparks niether of use breaking eyes contact.

"Im sorry boys but I will have to steal Midnight from you" He picked me up and put me over his shoulder I started screaming "PUT ME DOWN YOUR JERK YOU DONT OWN ME!" I was kicking and hitting him as he walked away with me and they both just stared after me.

The End

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