Whatever Zuri had given me made me feel better. Damn that witch, I would get her back for what she did. I felt a pang of guilt as I thought about what happened to Crystal, that was it! I would get the witch to pay back Crystal for stopping the were-wolves. I owed her as much.

I felt a shift in nature and knew that Zuri was putting her plan into motion. I still hadn't found Midnight or Damien! My lips twitched slightly as I sped up, I went round a corner too fast and ended up slipping on the floor and banging into the wall. I fell on my back, stars dancing in my vision. A head popped into my eyesight and my heart quickened as I saw Midnight, I sat up quickly and somehow managed to bang my head again.

"Ow!" I yelped in surprise, I heard someone chuckle behind me and I turned around to see Damien. Perfect! I jumped up quickly, swaying slightly. I bowed to Midnight saying,


I turned to Damien and said,

"Sir" He raised an eyebrow and Midnight rolled her eyes,

"You have to come with me now!" I said quickly before turning round and running smack bang into an open door,

"Oh come on!" I yelled. I edged my way around the door cautiously and took off on a run.

"Wait! Mazany, what's up?" I stopped and turned around, trying not to let my impatience show.

"I'm sorry Milady I don't have time to explain!" Damien furrowed his brow at me and gasped, he grabbed Midnight's wrist, which caused me to growl at him he just gave me a look,

"Come on Mid! It's about Crystal" I frowned at him realizing that he had just read my mind, he looked at me in surprise at the fact that I had worked it out. I closed my mind off slightly, I had had a bad experience with people in my mind and it had left deep scars.

"Come on!" I yelled again before running down the corridor, I heard the other two following me.

At some point I had shifted into my fox form because I made it to Crystal's room ahead of the others. I paced up and down outside with impatiens. Midnight and Damien came round the corner, Damien gave me a look. I was up to his chest in my fox form, I wasn't like a normal fox I was almost ten times bigger then a normal one.

Midnight ran past me and knocked on Crystal's door, she cried out,

"Crystal! Crystal speak to me!"

A muffled voice came back, "Please Midnight, go. I don't want to see anyone."

Wow ironic, since Zuri's invisible. I thought sourly to myself, grimacing. Damien saw my grimace but couldn't hear what I was thinking.

Damien took a stepped towards the door and yelled,

"Crystal, it's me, Damien! It's OK! Crystal?" I heard the pain behind his words and grimaced slightly, it brought back painful memories.

Crystal didn't reply. I stepped forward and said,

"Hey Crystal! It's me! Mazany! I still owe you, you know?" Her voice came back through the door quietly,

"Wha- What do you mean?" I grinned to myself and I saw Damien glare at me.

"You know? For the were-wolf thing? I promise I'll get that witch back!"

"No. Don't you'll only get hurt again!" Midnight gasped and whispered,

"You got hurt?!" I just shrugged my shoulders and said loud enough for Crystal to hear.

"It was nothing really! Crystal! I haven't been here that long but you're my friend and I owe my friend and debt. And these two here really care about you and are worrying their bloody heads off! They want to help you, I mean I haven't had that many friends but isn't that what their meant to do?"

The End

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