"Mazany!" I yelled. Maz and I always seemed to know when the other is in trouble; our friendship is abnormally strong. I felt that instinctive pull that dragged me to him. He was soaked through and weak. I ran to his side and wrapped my arms around him.

"Nature, I need you. Create a gust of air to dry Mazany off," I commanded as I pulled Maz to his feet. He staggered and leant on me heavily but I managed thanks to my strength; a strength that surprises all those who witness it. I felt the wind pick up and Mazany was dry quite quickly. As I helped him to an empty room with a chair for him to sit on, he shuddered once or twice.

"Thank you, Nature," I huffed as I sat Maz in a seat. The wind abated. I pulled some strengthening herbs and quickly made a concoction I knew would help Maz. I poured it into a plastic pot I'd found (I'd emptied all the stationary out of it) and put the pot into Mazany's hand. He swallowed it without hesitating. He'd come to trust my knowledge of how Nature heals and no longer questioned anything I gave him.

When he'd finished consuming the mixture I took the pot from him and set it on the desk. I jumped up and sat on the desk myself so I was facing him. The silence dragged on.

"I'm waiting," I said and he glared at me then shuddered. My face softened. "What happened?" I asked gently.

"It was..." Mazany shook his head. He had no words for it. "Crystal was being punished for drinking Damien's blood - even though it was involuntary. The punishment was extreme. I tried to stop them but the witch soaked me then this weird, hypnotic vampire did something to me just as I was gaining the edge. The witch cut a pentagram into Crystal's back. The hypnotic one forced me to leave with his weird gaze. Then you found me where I'd collapsed."

"Are you strong?" I demanded leaping up.

"Yes," he said startled. I paced thinking what to do. Then I grabbed his hand and pulled him along.

"Where are we going?" Maz asked.

"I'm going to find Crystal and watch over her," I told him, allowing my invisibility to ripple through me, "I won't let anyone know I'm there, not even Crystal. You are going to find Midnight and Damien. I suspect Crystal's not gonna be talking so you three come up with a way to get her talking while I watch over her and make sure she's OK while she's locked up."

"How are you going to get in her room?" I shot Mazany a disbelieving look. Obviously he couldn't see me but he could sense my gaze because he knew me so well. He looked sheepish.

"Sorry, shouldn't doubt you."

"Good," I smiled, "Now we had better run." I dropped his hand and zipped off at my top speed.

"Be careful, Pixie," Mazany called as he prepared to sprint away.

"Always am, Fire Fox," I called back, "It always you getting us into trouble so follow your own advice!" I laughed as I heard him growl.

The End

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